„Ride On!“ - Lightner Museum Exhibition, Florida, USA +++++

Ride On! Historic Bicycles from the Keith Pariani Collection

February 2, 2023 – September 30, 2023

In the 1890s the bicycle took over the hearts and minds of Americans. By the early twentieth century, almost 300 bicycle manufacturing firms were established in the US. Swept up in the craze for cycling, the Lightner Museum’s historic building, the Hotel Alcazar, offered its own bicycle academy, allowing its guests to tour Gilded Age St. Augustine on two wheels.

Drawn from the collection of St. Augustine bicycle aficionado Keith Pariani, Ride On! features bicycles selected by Pariani as important examples of design in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century bicycle manufacture.

Address: 75 King St. in St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Contact: https://lightnermuseum.org/exhibitions/

306 - Lightner Museum Exhibition 2023

The Pryor Dodge Bicycle Collection, NY - USA +++++

The Pryor Dodge Bicycle Collection offers a glimpse of the 19th Century from the handlebars of a bicycle. Over over 2,000 original artifacts from Europe and the U. S. portray the technical, social and esthetic aspects of this medium during its first 100 years, dating from 1819.

Contact: http://www.pryordodge.com/Bicycles.html

Photos: Pryor Dodge and Robert Štěrba

175/B Pryor Dodge Collection

The Bicycle Museum of America, New Bremen, OH - USA +++++

The Bicycle Museum of America, one of the largest private collections of bicycles in the world. It features bicycles and memorabilia, obtained recently by Jim Dicke of Crown Equipment Corporation, the international manufacturer of electric lift trucks, native to New Bremen.

"This is just the beginning for the museum and we plan on continually making improvements to the facility and the collection, " said Dicke. "We believe the Bicycle Museum of America will develop into an exciting tourist attraction for the community." The museum houses elegant antique bicycles from the 19th century, balloon tire classics of the 1940s and 1950s and even the banana seat high-rise handle bar bikes of the 1960s.

Contact:  http://www.bicyclemuseum.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BicycleMuseum

Pictures were taken spring 2018

35/D. The Bicycle Museum of America - USA

Pictures were taken summer 2014

35/A. The Bicycle Museum of America - USA


Metz Bicycle Museum, Freehold, NJ - USA +++++

The Museum was housed one of the world's finest collections of antique bicycles, dating from the 1850's to the 1950's.

Metz Bicycle Museum in Freehold was closed after his founder Mr. Metz died. All bicycles and other items were sold during spring 2014.

Contact:  http://www.metzbicyclemuseum.com/

34. Metz Bicycle Museum, Freehold - USA

Bicycle Pedaling History museum, Buffalo, NY – USA +++++

This was one of the largest museums in the world specializing in bicycles. Pedaling History was closed after his founder Mr. Burgward died. All bicycles and other items were sold during 2012 and 2013.

Contact:   www.pedalinghistory.com - side is not functional

Mr. Burgwardt became an authority on the topic, speaking internationally at numerous conferences and becoming a member of The Wheelmen.

"He developed such a passion to teach the history and to bring it to life," said his daughter Sally Lauck

This is a short memory video of a the Pedaling History Bicycle Museum founded by Carl and Clary Burgwardt located in Orchard Park, New York which was one of the largest collection of historical bicycles and memorabilia in the world !


07. Bicycle Pedaling History museum, Buffalo – USA

"American Wheels to the Front" Baltimore, MD - USA +++++

"American Wheels to the Front" it was exhibition during 25th International Cycling History Conference in Baltimore, MD, USA (August 6 - 9, 2014) that highlights significant American-made bicycles from the various periods covering 1868 - today. Items on loan came from private collections from Gary Sanderson, Paul Ruberson, Larkin Little, Sam Fitzsimmons, Ken Gray and Carey Williams.

ICHC 2014 webside: http://www.ichc-2014-conference.org/

145 - "American Wheels to the Front" Baltimore, MD, USA

„Motorcyclepedia“ Ted’s motorcycle collection - Newburgh, NY - USA +++++

The collection spans well over 400 motorcycles, ranging from hill climbers, Harleys from throughout the years, Military and Police motorcycles, Choppers, Japanese motorcycles, British motorcycles, and motorcycles from American manufacturers from years past, such as Pierce, Thor, Flying Merkel, Reading Standard, Cleveland, etc. Gerald Doering’s extensive collection of Indians joined Ted’s collection and is now displayed in the museum’s Indian Room, featuring the world’s most complete Indian Timeline. Ted Doering presently serves as the museum’s Director.

A huge bicycle collection is there too, but on display we can see a few bicycles only, especially concernig to motorcycles.

Contact: http://www.motorcyclepediamuseum.org/

159 - Motorcyclepedia USA

Pierce - Arrow Museum, Buffalo, NY – USA +++++

The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum and a new exhibit on Buffalo's Bicycles (1860s - 1920s). 

The collection of vintage bicycles and rare cycling memorabilia from the collections of Jim and Mary Ann Sandoro, the Burgwardt Family and the former Pedaling History Museum. 

Contact: http://www.pierce-arrow.com

226/A – Pierce-Arrow Museum, Buffalo, USA


The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company was a symbol of one of Buffalo’s most significant eras of growth, prosperity and of American innovation and ingenuity.

226/B – Pierce-Arrow Museum (cars), USA

Old Spokes Home – Burlington, Vermont - USA +++++

The main motto "The most unusual bike shop on the planet" concisely describe everyday works there. On the top of it the fantastic bicycle collection is there and many machines from this collection are possible see on their webside. It's great idea to show bicycles by this way. Unfortunately it's not common always preserve bicycles in original condition, but there all machines are in exceptional lovely condition. Thank you and congratulation.

Contact: https://www.oldspokeshome.com/bikes/vintage-restorations

Atmosphere of bicycle shop and museum in Burlington

130/B - Old Spokes Home

Martins Bike Shop Inc. - Ephrata, PA - USA +++++

Martins Bike Shop in central Pennsylvania's best rated bike and fitness store. So there are more than just a store. Services like product assembly, expert delivery, financing options, and after-sale service are what truly set they apart.

Fof lovers of bicycle history it is small paradise. Some antique bicycles are on display in store. The family which owns store more than 50 years loves history and antique bikes. This fact was absolutelly clear when we visitid their privat collection.

Thanks again for time we spend there.

Contact:  http://martinsbike.com/


147 - Martins Bike Shop, PA, USA