The Pryor Dodge Bicycle Collection, NY - USA +++++

The Pryor Dodge Bicycle Collection offers a glimpse of the 19th Century from the handlebars of a bicycle. Over over 2,000 original artifacts from Europe and the U. S. portray the technical, social and esthetic aspects of this medium during its first 100 years, dating from 1819.


Photos: Pryor Dodge and Robert Štěrba

175/B Pryor Dodge Collection

Travelling Exhibitions:

175/E Pryor Dodge - Exhibitions

2015     La Vuelta a la bici '15, Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City, Mexico
             (digital images, organized by ITDP: Institute for Transportation and Development Policy)

2010     Bicycles and Bloomers: Women's Emancipation and the Bicycle, Coronado Historical Association, Coronado, California

The Bicycle Takes Off   1865–1900, From Boneshaker to Boom

2002       Springfield Science Museum, Springfield, Massachussetts

2001       Queens Hall of Science, (Flushing Meadow) New York City

               Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, Norwalk , Connecticut

2000       Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, Massachussetts 

Bicycles : History – Beauty – Fantasy 

1998       San Diego Historical Society, San Diego, California

1997       The Design Museum, London, England

               The Morris Museum, Morristown, New Jersey

1996       UBSPaineWebber Gallery, New York City

1995       The Evansville Museum of Arts & Science, Evansville, Indiana

               The Pink Palace Museum, Memphis, Tennessee

1994       Durham Western Heritage Museum, Omaha, Nebraska

               The Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Washington

1993       The Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii

               The San Francisco Airport

1987       The Old Pueblo Museum, Tucson, Arizona

1983       OK Harris Gallery, New York City

Small original artifacts, posters, parts of bikes,photos, books and memorablies with motiv of bicycles are always important part of all exhibitions and collections. Pryor is one of specialist who was able to find many of them....

175/C Pryor Dodge Collection

Book: The Bicycle  - Pryor Dodge

Flammarion, Paris and New York: 1996, 1997

224 pp., 341 illustration. 189 in color, 11 x 9 inch

ISBN 2-08013-551-1

An extraordinary compilation of visual material drawn from the author's collection - one of the largest privately owned collections of antique bicycles, posters, prints, and bicycle memorabilia in the world - is supplemented by a wealth of previously unpublished documents on technology, bicycle clubs, and racing. The authoritative and entertaining text combines fascinating anecdotes with in-depth historical and technical information.  The authoritative and entertaining text combines fascinating anecdotes with in-depth historical and technical information.   

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175/D Pryor Dodge's Book

We had a big oportunity to visit deposit with bicycles from this collection. We spent there a lot of time and studied details of bicycles. Thank you Pryor.

175/A Pryor Dodge Collection

Velocipede Tricycle, Michaux & Cie., Paris, 1868

This unique velocipede with the magnificently carved dragon's head was made by the celebrated pioneering manufacturer of velocipedes, and was exhibited in Paris at the Exposition Retrospective du Cycle at the Grand Palais in 1907.

The carved head clearly has oriental elements resembling a dragon horse: the Chinese Quilin (ki-lin) or Japanese Kirin.

This extraordinary tricycle is considered by bicycle historians to be one of the most important historical bicycles in the world. For this reason it is the greatest piece in collection of Pryor Dodge and would be the most significant piece in any bicycle collection.

175/G Michaux Tricycle

Selected Articles:

Pryor Dodge: The Bicycling Collector  (by Jeanne Schinto)

The Daily Best, September 15, 2014

Hynais Vojtěch * 14.1. 1854 Víenna – † 22.8. 1925 Prag

Very famous czech painter and graphic artist who won selection event and realized decoration for Czech National theatre in 1880. He created painting Society in the open (1889) which together with one pictures of bike from Pryor's book was model for artist painting.

This beautiful paintin is in "Biczycle collectin" in Prague.

175/F Hynais - Dodge painting