2 X 200 – Bicycle Exhibition - Bloomfield Museum of Science, Jerusalem - Israel +++++

The largest international bicycle exhibition ever seen in Israel, the 2 x 200 – Bicycle Exhibition, is on display at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem from spring 2017 to May2018. Featuring rare bicycle wheel models including historical collections from Canada, Holland, the United States, and Israel, the interactive exhibition marks 200 years to the invention of the first bicycle.

Concakt: https://www.mada.org.il/en

213 - "2 X 200" – Bicycle Exhibition Jerusalem

Shiro Yagami's Bicycle Museum, Nagoya - Japan +++++

An old private collection with very nice bicycles. No more information concerning this collection at the monment.

218 - Shiro Yagami's Museum

An artickle we have find on the webside from 2008:

„Think of any inanimate object, and there’s bound to be a mad passionate collector of it tucked away in the suburbs of Japan somewhere. Shiro Yagami needs an entire building for his collection, as his wife won’t have any of it in the house.

Mr Yagami is a bicycle fanatic of the most extreme persuasion. He’s run the Yagami Corporation for around 50 years, importing bicycle parts from all over the world, particularly Europe and America. Gradually his growing collection demanded it’s own space, and so the Cycle Gallery Yagami Bicycle Museum was created. His collection contains around 200 of some of the more amazing two-wheeled machines, plus bike paraphernalia, from all over the world, mostly gifts from a huge accumulation of friends.

Some of the most impressive displays are the vintage bikes dating from the early 1800s. A single-wheel monster bike that is one of only two in the world, and the 1950s classic American bicycles, which look like futurist two wheeled versions of Cadillacs or Mustangs. There are also posters and prints of bike-related artwork, and a library of books and magazines, some hundreds of years old and worth thousands of dollars, in mint condition. Mr Yagami is only too happy to walk you through the collection and explain with childlike enthusiasm the various bikes and bike bits. Having traveled extensively to places like Australia and the US in pursuit of elusive bicycles and parts, his English is really something, so you shouldn’t have any problems asking questions about the displays.“


Quatar Auto museum, Doha - Quatar +++++


This exhibition focuses its attention on the bicycle: the 200-year-old technological innovation that kickstarted the development of virtually all powered mobility, and might very well hold a key to its future.

The exhibition includes a number of sections that explore the bicycle’s growth from “horse replacement” to “horseless carriage”, the variety of technological innovations and material developments across its history, and the many ways in which those innovations were expressed.

The exhibition concludes with a section that sheds light on the transition towards sustainable modes of transportation in Qatar, and our responsibility to make that happen. Focusing on present-day solutions such as electric micro-mobility vehicles, and public transportation, it invites visitors to think creatively and imagine the future of mobility in the country.

Address: Museum Park Street, Doha - State of Quatar

Contact: https://qm.org.qa/en/about-us/qatar-auto-museum/

329/A - Quatar Auto museum

Auto museum

329/B - Quatar Auto museum

La coleccion de „Coventry Eagle“, Buenos Aires - Argentina +++++

A fantastic collection. We found it on the internet.

Contakt: https://www.flickr.com/photos/coventryeagle/albums

181 - „Coventry Eagle“ Argentina

Bicycle Museum Cycle Center Osaka - Japan +++++

New display in Osaca museum. Many very rare and nice early machines. Sometimes the museum is presented with name The Sakai Bicycle museum in Osaca.

Photos were taken by Eris Psa (thank you) in 2017.            

Contact: http://www.bikemuse.jp/

19/B - Bicycle Museum Cycle Center Osaka - Japan

Museu da FLAUS – Paraná, Brazil +++++

 Museu da FLAUS – Paraná, Brazil

„MUSEU DE BICICLETAS DO PARANÁ“ is museum with more than 400 bicycles and many next technic items. It was opened in 1994 for public.

Contakt:  http://flausantiguidades.com.br/loja/

133 – Museu da FLAUS – Brazil

Sangju Bicycle Museum, Sangju-si - Korea +++++

Sangju bicycle museum is located in Sangju-si in the Republic of Korea. This is the only bicycle museum in South Korea. Sangju bicycle museum originally was built at Gyeongsangbuk-do Sangju-si namjang-dong in 2002, and it was moved to expanding building, located in Donam-dong, in October 2010.

Contact: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=1761837

171 - Sangju Bicycle Museum

Sheikh Faisal Museum, Doha - Katar

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum is a privately owned museum located in the municipality of Al-Shahaniya in Qatar. Encompassing an area of 530,000 m², the three-building museum was opened in 1998 by Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani. It is possible to see almost everything - the important thing for us: cars and some historic bikes.

Address:  Doha, Katar  شارع السامرية، الدوحة

Contact:  https://www.alsamriyaestate.com/museum

344/A - Sheikh Faisal Museum - Katar

A very interesting machine marked F. Surle bicycle and traction steam drive.

Photo with credits: Anton Blinof

344/B - Sheikh Faisal Museum - Katar

Roger Mahan Heritage Centre, Geraldine - New Zealand

The large collection of vehicles focused on heavy transport and construction machinery also includes several bicycles, motorcycles and especially historic cars.

Photo: courtesy of Don Speden

Address: 195 Main Nord Road, Geraldine 7991, New Zealand

Contact:  https://rmheritagecentre.org.nz

342/A - Roger Mahan Heritage Centre

Peter Pluntky's exhibition in Älvsjö - Sweden

Peter Pluntky's exhibition in Älvsjö! The toy specialist and collector exhibited part of his collection of vintage bicycles during the antiques fair 7-10 March 2024

Photo: with thanks to Mikka Persson

Address: Mässvägen 1, 125 80 Stockholm, Sweden

Antiques Fair: https://www.antikmassan.se

343 - Pluntky's exhibition in Älvsjö