Expo The Bicycle – Design Object, München, Germany +++++

Pinakothek der Moderne

The Pinakothek of Modernity in Munich is a museum complex that houses four independent museums dedicated to visual arts, architecture and design, with a focus on collections from the 20th century to the present day.


The exhibition puts the topic of bicycle design in the limelight for the first time. The focus is thus on the design and not on the cultural history of these means of transport with all the different developments it has gone through. No less than 70 examples will be showcased that are among the most unusual and most exciting bicycles in design history.

Bicycle design is certainly not just about the skill of the craftsmen and the art of frame-building, not just the product of ingenious inventors, tinkerers, obsessed or enthusiastic amateurs, as can be seen from the countless designs by aerospace or automobile engineers, such as Paul Jaray, Hermann Klaue or Alex Moulton as well as by industrial designers in-cluding Luigi Colani, Richard Sapper, Michael Conrad, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Marc Newson, Christian Zanzotti or Ross Lovegrove.

Address: Barer Str. 40, 80333 München, Německo

Contact: https://www.pinakothek-der-moderne.de/ausstellungen/das-fahrrad/

320/A - Pinakothek der Moderne München

Deutsche Fahrradmuseum, Bad Brückenau - Germany +++++

This educational museum in the spa city is probably the most interesting bicycle collection in Germany.

Address: Heinrich-von-Bibra-Str. 24, 97769 Bad Brückenau, Germany

Contact:   www.deutsches-fahrradmuseum.de

Our last visit in summer 2023. Museum really "packed" with delicacies.
Additional information for connoisseurs only: "Unfortunately, over 65 quality bikes are at various exhibitions around the world, sorry", says owner Ivan Sojc. What to add?

12/H. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2023

The museum really still prepare new bicycle and new arrangement. Photos from 2022.

12/G. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2022

„ 2 Rader – 200 Jahre“, TECHNOSEUM Mannheim - Germany +++++

Germany celebrating 200 years of bicycle. Baron Drais patented first dreisiene patent in 1817. Very nice season exhibition, very good prepared, showed many very interesting bicycles from others museums and privat collections.  

Contact: http://www.technoseum.de

202/A – Expo 2017: 2 Rader – 200 Jahre, Mannheim

Expo 2023 „DDR-Rennräder von Textima“, Chemnitz, Germany +++++

On June 11, 2023, a special exhibition "Secret Developments: GDR Racing Bikes from Textima" opened as part of the Chemnitz Cycling Festival.

Secret research facilities, custom-made special bikes and great racing successes of the 1980s - the history of Textima special bikes is still exciting and shrouded in mystery.

Foto: Paik Jahnscheck,  Kathy Eichholz, Dirk Schmerschneider and Paik Jahnscheck

Address: Zwickauer Straße 77, 09112 Chemnitz, Germany

Contact: https://fahrzeugmuseum-chemnitz.de

341/A - DDR-Rennräder von Textima

Did you miss the Textima exhibition?

A small part of the special exhibition "Secret development: GDR racing bikes by Textima" was on display in the windows of the Chemnitzer bike shop "Radschlag".

341/B -Radschlag shop

341/C - DDR-Rennräder von Textima

Deutsches-museum - München, Germany +++++

Experience the Word of science and technology, from thein origins to the present day, in 50 exhibition areas covering some 47 000 square meters. The guitebook – on sale in the museum shop – will help you along your tour.



46/A - Deutsches-museum München, Germany

Wasserschloss Klaffenbach „RADKUNS Das Fahrrad als Design and Kunstobject“ - Chemnitz, Germany +++++

Bicycle club from Dresden "Fahrrad- Veteranen- Freunde- Dresden 1990 e.V." organized during summer 2013 exposition on picturesque watercastle Klaffenbach which is situated circa 10 km from Chemnitz. There was exhibition "Bicycle design as art object" and the members of local club support this event by smal bicycle exposition where was bicycle progres showed. All bicycles there were borrowed from membenrs Dresden club.

Contakt: http://www.fahrrad-veteranen-freunde-dresden.de/

112/A - Wasserschloss Klaffenbach

Velocium - Weinböhla, Germany +++++

Very nice and modern museum of bicycles and cycling with many educational elements.

Address: Kirchplatz 5 · 01689 Weinböhla, Germany

Contakt: https://velocium-weinboehla.de

Photos were taken in summer 2021

266/A - Velocium

Town Museum Einbeck - Germany +++++

Einbeck is a town with eight hundred years of history and rich in tradition. In the TownMuseum (StadtMuseum), various exhibitions offer you information on life and work of our citizens. How did people in Einbeck live back then, how did they heat and cook, and what belonged into every household in Einbeck? In the CyclingHouse (RadHaus), one of the Germany’s latest cycling museums,you will interactively learn more about the history of bicycles and August Stukenbrok.

Contact: https://www.einbeck-tourismus.de/stadtmuseum

Address: Auf dem Steinwege 11-13, 37574 Einbeck, Germany

314/A - Town Museum Einback

Radsportmuseum Course de la Paix, Kleinmühlingen – Germany +++++

Nice small museum with clear direction to a very famous race. Musem was set up 2015. Over 10.000 separate items are there.

Contakt: http://www.friedensfahrt-museum.de/impressum/

180/A Museum Course de la Paix

Phänomen – Phenomenal! (the summer exhibition Phänomen-Werke), Zittau – Germany +++++

The town museum in Zittau organized nice exhibition where showed full history of Phänomen-Werke in 2013. There were many information and examples early bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

Contact:  http://www.zittau.eu/1_aktuell/pressemitteilungen/2013/pm_13_07_18c.htm

137/A "Phänomen" – Phenomenal!