Museum of Bicycles, Boskovštejn - Czech Republic +++++

Idea of Museum in Boskovštejn

New bicycle museum was opened in Moravia in the Czech republic during summer 2015. We must to say this museum is classing between 10 TOP museums with bicycles worldwide. Full project includes fish restaurant, small hotel, tracks for testriders, rental bike service and workshop. The museum is still in progres and two floors under roof are in restoration for next display venue. The museum prepare cooperation with some next collectors and result will be season expositions.


163/A Boskovštejn Czech rep.

Oldest bicycles, rare machines and posters

On the display you can see many very rare bicycles which are survived one example only around the World. Especially collection suspension safeties (1885 - 1900) or part of museum with wooden bicycles. Many and many posters on the walls are in all rooms and sketch in fantastic atmosphere there.

163/B Museum Boskovštejn


Expo "The Legendary Favorit" - NTM Praha, Czech Republic +++++

Text: author of the exposition Jan Králik

The bicycle is a perfectly designed piece of sports equipment, means of transport and leisure activity. We have Karl Drais to thank for it; his two-wheeled “draisienne” was first unveiled on the 12th of June 1817. The history of the bicycle starts here, and from that point on, its designs have been as diverse as its principle is simple.

At first it was seen as a fun leisure activity, but it soon began to be used as a mode of transport, which then led, almost naturally, to racing. The first recorded velocipede race, on bikes with cranks and pedals on the shaft of the front wooden wheel (with spokes), took place in France on the 8th of December 1867. The winner completed the 17–kilometre course from Paris to Versailles in one hour. The first race to be held in the Czech lands took place in Kutná Hora on the 8th of August 1869. A race was held in Brno one week later.

Subsequent chapters in Czech cycling history were written by famous (and long forgotten) manufacturers, riders, trainers, managers, businessmen, mechanics, functionaries and journalists. The Favorit factory in Rokycany played a particularly exceptional role. Its roots, development, humble beginnings, growth, mishaps and decline is a fascinating story, but about which there are relatively few documents or written reports.  Former factory employees and racing cyclists are the main source of information, and although their memories may be clouded by time, their recollections reveal their love of the Favorit brand. Favorit was one very few companies to receive credit for both its quality and (non)availability during the era of blatant socialist experimentation.

Following the wild privatization after the fall of communism and dissolution of the company, it seemed that Favorit was condemned to slow oblivion. Only collectors breathed life into the old discarded bikes and admired the old metal frames.

But never say never. The brand has been restarted, and the manufacture of Favorit bicycles in Rokycany has come to life again.

The legend is back.

233 - The Legendary Favorit

Exhibition "Thunder to the pedal", Vysoké Mýto Czech Republic +++++

The director of the Regional Museum in Vysoké Mýto, Jiří Junek, has prepared for the 2022 season an exhibition about the beginnings of cycling called Thunder to the Pedal!

A very well-built exposition, interesting with eye-catching labels even for laymen. Experts, on the other hand, marveled at the number of interesting machines that were borrowed from regional depositories or private collections.

Address:    A. V. Šembery 125, 566 01 Vysoké Mýto, Czech Republic


289 - Regional Museum in Vysoké Mýto

Veteran Arena Museum of historic cars in Olomouc, Czech republic +++++

The modern and generous museum transports you to a remarkable period in which car design was not bound by today's strict laws and regulations. In the interwar period, designers were rather artists who had a completely free hand, and ideal car shapes were still being sought.

The heart of the collection are Czechoslovak produced cars, mainly Tatra, Praga, Aero, Škoda, Jawa and Walter. In our museum you will also find the biggest completed collection of the Wikov brand from Prostějov and “Z” cars manufactured in Zbrojovka Brno (Armoury Brno, Zetka). Lovers of historic motorcycles can look forward to the Jawa, Praga, ČZ, Breitfeld & Daněk and Czechia-Böhmerland brands.


Wikov 35 “Drop”, the first Czechoslovak aerodynamic car

Praga Grand of Jan Masaryk, First Republic ambassador in Great Britain

Z5 Express, the most luxurious car made by Zbrojovka Brno (Armoury Brno)

Tatra 75 Sport (bodywork Bohemia) of Hugo Hass, an actor from the First Republic

Tatra 17 Sport (sport Tatra cooled by water)

Praga Piccolo of the First Republic actor František Fiala (Ferenc Futurista)

Address: Sladovní 103, 799 00 Olomouc 9 Pavlovičky


331/A - Veteran Arena Olomouc

Velohistorie - Golčův Jeníkov, Czech Republic +++++

A new privat museum was opened 26.6.2020 in very romantic building near Čáslav.

Address: Na Písku 46, Golčův jeníkov - Czech Republic


259/A - Golčův Jeníkov



Seasonal exposition 2019/2020, Hradec Králové - Czech Republic +++++

A very nice seasonal exposition in town museum. Bicycles and items for the exposition were lent from state museum in Olomouc, privat collections and some examples were used from deposit of Hradec Králové museum.


254/A Okolo Hradce - exposition

Seasonal exhibition– Mnichovo Hradiště, Czech Republic +++++

A nice exhibition with many bicycles from Standa Hnizdil‘s collection and memebers of local clubs and three bicycles from museum of town Mnichovo Hradiště. This exhibition was opened through summer 2018.


229 - Mnichovo Hradiště - Czech Rep.

National Technical Museum - Prague, Czech republic +++++

New exposition was reopened in spring 2011 after four years reconstruction. The transport hall is in the main building and there is special bicycle exposition with motto:  „Crank with pedal on the wheel shaft – such a small invention for a person, such a big invention for humanity.“

Jan Kralik was responsible for the structure bicycle expisition in NTM. He made all descriptions for individually bicycles. Some these texts are used in this article.


Address: Kostelní 1320/42, 170 00 Praha 7 – Letná, Czech republic

37. National transport museum, Prague

Museum of Cycling History, Žíreč - Czech Republic +++++

New museum was opened in the Czech Republic during summer 2017.

Over 200 bicycles from all time period.


220 - Museum Žirec 2019


Moravian Bicycle Exhibition – Hradec nad Moravicí, Czech Republic +++++

Moravian regional museums have a lot of treasures of Czech and Moravian bicycle history in their deposites. Nice season exhibition in picturesque castle in Hradec nad Moravicí showed bicycles from deposites Ostrava museum, Bruntál museum and Olomouc museum.


126/A – Hradec nad Moravicí