Museum of Bicycles, Boskovštejn - Czech Republic +++++

Idea of Museum in Boskovštejn

New bicycle museum was opened in Moravia in the Czech republic during summer 2015. We must to say this museum is classing between 10 TOP museums with bicycles worldwide. Full project includes fish restaurant, small hotel, tracks for testriders, rental bike service and workshop. The museum is still in progres and two floors under roof are in restoration for next display venue. The museum prepare cooperation with some next collectors and result will be season expositions.


163/A Boskovštejn Czech rep.

Oldest bicycles, rare machines and posters

On the display you can see many very rare bicycles which are survived one example only around the World. Especially collection suspension safeties (1885 - 1900) or part of museum with wooden bicycles. Many and many posters on the walls are in all rooms and sketch in fantastic atmosphere there.

163/B Museum Boskovštejn


Road and race bicycles

It is very difficult to find collection sport and race bicycles where is many differant derailleurs. There is full development of Campagnolo groups and many race bikes 1950 to 1990 which are top quality. We recognized that someone who prepared this display very good understand race bicycles and long time was looking for very special and expensive modern race bicycles.

163/C Boskovštejn - race bicycles

Evolution of Mountain bike

Everyone knows mountain bike, but from 1990 many factories and brands made systems which is difficult to see now. The fantastic collection showed many differant constructions.

163/D Boskovštejn - MTB bicycles