The exhibition „FAHR! RAD - von der drasiene zur hightech – machine“, Vienna – Austria +++++

Technisches Museum Wien organized an bicycle exhibition from November 2002 to April 2003.


58/ A - The exposition "FAHR! RAD" I

Sommer Exhibition 2017, PROJEKTRAUM Burgerland, Austria +++++

Season exhibition " Bewegte Geschichte auf Zwei Raden " was opened to end of summer 2017. One of the best exhibition I have ever seen. Original condition all bikes, interesting machines... Nice display for bicycles, very good if you would like study details of bicycles. Good light, clear descriptions, a few small items...  


212/A - Expo Burgenland 2017

Fahrradmuseum Illmitz - Austria +++++

A beautiful private museum located in the premises of the winery. Open by appointment only.

Local brands, very well focused on the Austro-Hungarian period. 100% original and original condition - no renovations. A true museum touch.

Address: Zickhohe 14, 7142 Illmitz, Austria


326 - Fahrradmuseum Illmitz

Fahrradausstellung, Velo Gleisdorf - Rakousko +++++

The oldest bicycle club in Steiermark (Austria) was set up 1884. It was good reason why there Wolfgang Wehap and bicycle collector Max Reder organized nice exposition in 2013.


Thank you for photos to Max Reder

178 - Velo Gleisdorf

Bicycle Museum Vösendorf, Austria +++++

A fantastic bicycle musem where many and many bicycles in original condition are home. There are a lot of bicycles, systeme bikes and prototypes from dresienne to race or modern bicycles


You can see nice webside „Velicious Bicycles“ too:

122 – Fahrradmuseum Vosendorf

"Exhibition 2017" Hollemburg, Krems - Austria +++++

Exhibition, historical bikes, art, music, nice people, beautiful experiences, super atmosphere ... thanks so much!


215 - Hollemburg - Krems 2017

„BICYCLES! A Love Story“ The Exhibition 2018, Wienna – Austria +++++

More than an exhibition.... An exccelent venue, a fun, a party, meetings, presentations...this all were framed very xtravagant exposition arrangement of bikes. Very good idea!


230 - BICYCLES! A Love Story

The exposition "TOUR DU MONDE" - Wien, Austria +++++

The exhibition TOUR DE MONDE uses iconic bikes from the 20th and 21st centuries to tell of the quality and diversity of the designs exhibited by this classic mode of transportation. Selected examples from EMABCHER COLLECTION will draw visitors into a journey through the history of the bicycle, this cult object which successively transformed technology and form allow one to trace the recent history of innovation and design in general.

MAK museum Vien 14.6. – 6.10.2013


MAK museum:

Embacher collection:

115/A - MAK Museum für Kunst

The Bicycle Museum, Retz - Austria +++++

A very nice privat museum situated in a small pictorial town Retz near czech border. There are more than 140 machines shows evolution of bicycle. The oldest machine draisine Burg Wienna from 1920 in fantastic original condition started progres line and modern race machines stayed in the end. More and more small items and call-boards with photographs are everywhere.


Address: Fritz Hurtl - Verein " 's Fahrradl im Schloss"

Schlossplatz 5, A-2070 Retz - Österreich / Austria

96. The Bicycle Museum in Retz, Austria

Oldtimer museum "Rund ums Rad" - Altmünster, Austria +++++

The privat musem where on two floors we can admire a lot of bicycles, motorcycles and inexhaustible collection trophies, parts or accessories.


114 – "Rund ums Rad"- Altmünster