Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum 2016-2021. Obergurgl, Austria

Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum. Located in the heart of the Ötztal Alps, it houses 170 valuable exhibits in a purpose build exhibition space. And the best thing of all is that the museum stands just a few metres from the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, known among motorcycle enthusiasts as one of the best roads in the Alps.

Motoguzzi, BMQ, Sunbeam, Indian and Harly Davidson are just a few of the famous manufacturers to be found in the 2,600m² exhibition, which also features a number of classic cars. The museum, which is the highest motorbike museum in Europe, was opened in 2016.


244/A - TOP Moutain Motorcycle Museum

Special Exhibition Brough

100 years of Brough Superior are a more than worthy occasion to present our own exhibition for these fantastically beautiful motorcycles.

Brough Superior motorcycles are often referred to as "the Rolls-Royce" of motorcycles, and at the TOP Mountain Motorcycle Museum we are now exhibiting 17 of these legendary motorcycles - a unique opportunity to visit Brough's products worldwide in this quality and quantity.

George Brough, founder, name giver, designer and even racing driver of the English cult brand, has always put his motorcycles to the forefront of best workmanship, reliability and speed - characteristics that quickly found a large and loyal fanbase.

For that time the crazy top speed of more than 160 kilometers per hour were a strong selling point for passionate motorcyclists such as the British officer and writer T.E. Lawrence, better known as "Lawrence of Arabia", who had acquired a total of seven Brough Superior in 12 years.

One of Lawrences motorcycles is part of this special exhibit and furthermore a SS 100 that was personally owned by company founder George Brough. As a special rarity you can see a Brough sidecar combination with 4 cylinders and rear double wheel drive - there are only 4 copies worldwide from this valuable vehicle!

We would like to express our gratitude to the collectors and owners of the displayed loan collection, and for all of them we would like to mention Mark Upham, the current owner of the trademark rights to Brough Superior.

244/B - TOP Moutain Motorcycle museum

The fire catastrophe

January 2021

After the far-reaching challenges of 2020, which was so marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, we all hoped that the new year 2021 would bring a fresh start or a return to life as usual.

Unfortunately, this wish did not last long: on the night of Sunday, 17th January 2021, to Monday, 18th January 2021, a fierce fire broke out in the main section of the Motorcycle Museum, destroying the entire upper floor with all the exhibits displayed therein.

A complete collection of motorbike history, which had been tracked down and acquired all over the world for over two decades with passion and finally presented in the museum in the best possible condition, melted into ashes and wreckage before our eyes.

Along with our own collectors' items, unfortunately many exhibits that donors - museums and private individuals alike - had willingly made available to us were also lost. A sad, irretrievable loss!