„Ride On!“ - Lightner Museum Exhibition, Florida, USA +++++

Ride On! Historic Bicycles from the Keith Pariani Collection

February 2, 2023 – September 30, 2023

In the 1890s the bicycle took over the hearts and minds of Americans. By the early twentieth century, almost 300 bicycle manufacturing firms were established in the US. Swept up in the craze for cycling, the Lightner Museum’s historic building, the Hotel Alcazar, offered its own bicycle academy, allowing its guests to tour Gilded Age St. Augustine on two wheels.

Drawn from the collection of St. Augustine bicycle aficionado Keith Pariani, Ride On! features bicycles selected by Pariani as important examples of design in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century bicycle manufacture.

Address: 75 King St. in St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Contact: https://lightnermuseum.org/exhibitions/

306 - Lightner Museum Exhibition 2023

1868 American boneshaker animal motif head

The oldest bike he owns dates back to 1868, which was about seven years before people began to call these contraptions “bicycles.” “It’s got a cast-iron eagle head on the front of it, which is very, very unusual for an American bike,” Pariani explained. “There are only two American bikes that had some type of animal motif. The Europeans did it quite a lot.”

Ride On! American boneshaker

1885 The Quadrant Tricycle Co. Birmingham, England - Tandem Tricycle

Ride On! Quadrant Tricycle

The Quadrant Tricycle catalogue 1885/1887

1887 Gormully & Jeffery Mfg. Co., Chicago, USA - Ideal

Ride On! Ideal High wheel

Gormully & Jeffery catalogue 1887/1890

1888 Columbia Light Roadster

This is original Pariani cross country bicycle from 1984 and The Thomas Stevens San Francisco to Boston Ride

Ride On! Columbia High wheel

Columbia catalogue 1888

c.1889 Overman Wheel Co., Boston, USA - Victor

Ride On! Victor High wheel

Victor catalogue 1886/1889

1889 White Cycle Company - White Flyer

Two known in the world. Serial number 19.

Ride On! White Flyer

The White Cycle Company catalogue 1889

1890 White Cycle Co. Westboro, Mass., USA - Cycle Bronco

100% original condition including tires and leather seat.

Ride On! White Cycle Bronco

The White Cycle Co. catalogue 1890

1890 The Eagle, Stamford, Conn., USA - Eagle High Wheel

Ride On! Eagle

The Eagle catalogue 1890

1891 New Mail, Chicopee, Mass., USA - New Mail safety

Ride On! New Mail safety

New Mail catalogue 1891

1893 Hickory Wheel Co., Newton, Mass, USA - Elliot Hickory Gentleman Roadster

Ride On! Elliot Hickory

Hickory Wheel Co. catalogue 1893

Franklin Mac Veach & Co., Chicago, USA - The Ligna

Ride On! Ligna

1898 Rex Cycle Co., Chicago, Ill, USA - Man´s Rex Cycle  

Ride On! Rex

Rex Cycle Co., catalogue 1898

1901 Tribune Factory, Philadelphia, Pa, USA - Tribune

Ride On! Tribune

Tribune catalogue 1901