Phänomen – Phenomenal! (the summer exhibition Phänomen-Werke), Zittau – Germany +++++

The town museum in Zittau organized nice exhibition where showed full history of Phänomen-Werke in 2013. There were many information and examples early bicycles, motorcycles and cars.


137/A "Phänomen" – Phenomenal!

The exhibition catalogue is not common catalogue, it is nice big book which has written in two languages - czech and german.

137/B "Phänomen" – Phenomenal!

Industrial architecture in Saxony

The buildings company Phänomen-Werke designed by famous german architect Erich Basark are one of very interesting industry buildings in Gearmany. Photos which were taken by photographer Bertram Kober showing fatality of many and many next industry buildings. Some find new usage, but some were destroyed and their atmosphere is definitelly gone.

137/C "Phänomen" – Phenomenal!