Painting the frames of historical bicycles

Robert Štěrba & Co., which is the only paint shop specializing in painting bicycle frames in the Czech Republic, was opened soon after 1989. We apply any type of coating to all types of frames, including removal of the old paint.

For example, when painting the frames of historical bicycles manufactured, e.g. 100 years ago, we use special sealants that suitably supplement the corroded material. These paints (mostly black in colour) can be given a patina to achieve various degrees of the appearance of deterioration or age. This method is especially useful for machines where the other components exhibit certain indications of deterioration.

We are capable of mixing and preparing any shade of transparent or metallic colours for painting newer, especially sports bicycles. We also manufacture copies of labels that are applied under or over the final coat of paint, as required


Robert Šterba & Co. - Bicycles: ,

Specialization: all types of bicycle frames

References: 3 years of experience at the Swiss Molk Stans company, specializing in the production of frames and painting, 20 years of experience in the Czech Republic

Photo gallery: Examples of the procedure in painting a frame, including the final patina. The price of this frame and fork painting, including removal of the old paint, sand blasting, application of sealant, repeated spraying with sealant and sanding and application of patina was CZK 7,600.

Painting the frames of historical bicycles