Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan - Italy +++++

An unobtrusive entrance to the kingdom of technology. However, we were not pleased during our last visit in 2022. The complete part of the transport section with bicycles and cars was canceled and moved to the depository.

99/A -Museo "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan

The museum is the largest science and technology museum in Italy, and is dedicated to Italian painter and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci. It was opened on February 1953.This museum, in the ancient monastery of San Vittore al Corpo of Milan, is divided in seven main departments. Transport part had a lot of very interesting bicycles including „Triciclo a leve manuali - Cavallo Meccanico“.

Address: Via San Vittore, 21, 20123 Milano MI, Itálie


99/B - Museo "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan

Some photos from the book "STRAordinariCICLI - Dall'invenzione di Drais alle biciclette dei campioni" published on the occasion of the exhibition held at the museum in 2008.

99/C -Museo "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan

Small tasting for fans antique motorcycles and cars:

99/D -Museo "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan

The best I can offer. A series of professional large-scale photographs taken around 1960 for the needs of the museum. We bought the collection a few years ago at an auction in England. A great testimony of the "treasures" hidden in the Milanese museum.

99/E -Museo "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan

Sometimes the museum organizes guided tours of the depository. It is always necessary to order in advance and purchase tickets on their website.

99/F -Museo "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan