Museo del Cyclismo Ghisallo, Magreglio - Italy +++++

Madonna del Ghisallo Sanctuary and Cycling Museum are located in Magreglio in the province of Como, on a hill which is very popular among bikers and has been home of many famous competitions; here there’s a beautiful landscape on Lake Como.

The Museum, founded in 2006 by the biker Fiorenzo Magni, is dedicated to the bike world and for this reason it promotes this sport with all its values and memories. It has 3 floors and it includes a collection about cycling like the one of “Pink Jersey”. All bicycles on the display are in original condition – it is absolutelly „paradise“ for bicycle collectors!


Address: Via Gino Bartali, 4 - 22030 Magreglio (CO), Italy

284/A. Museo del Cyclismo Ghisallo

Madonna del Ghisallo – Patrona dei Ciclisti, Magreglio - Italy +++++

Madonna del Ghisallo Sanctuary and Cycling Museum are located in Magreglio in the province of Como, on a hill which is very popular among bikers and has been home of many famous competitions; here there’s a beautiful landscape on Lake Como.

Ghisallo’s hill links Valassina with the high part of the Lake. On the top at 754 meters above sea level, there’s a small church: Madonna del Ghisallo Sanctuary. A legend says that its name comes from a certain Ghisallo, which was attacked by robbers and wanted a Church to be built there. It keeps important relics about the world of cycling.


Address: Via Gino Bartali, 4 - 22030 Magreglio (CO), Italy

285 - Madonna del Ghisallo

Columbus Continuum 100 Years Celebrations, Milan – Italy +++++

In the second half of the year 2019 Columbus celebrated its 100th Anniversary with a series of exhibitions in order to narrate the many stories composing this unique entrepreneurial scenario.
The four exhibitions, reunited under the name "Columbus continuum". 100 years of a steel manufactory in Milan, have been planned to set and show the company from four different perspectives and industries: tubular furniture; steel series for bicycle frames; the great innovation and research content of the company that lead it to collaborate to amazing goals and achievements (from airplanes to cars and riding machines); the constant focus on art and design.

298/A - Columbus Continuum

Address Columbus: Gruppo S.r.l. - Div. Columbus, Via G. Di Vittorio, 21 20090 Caleppio di Settala (MI), Itálie 


Foto: Columbus official

Collezione velocipedi e biciclette antiche A. & C. Azzini, Soresina, Italy +++++

We had the opportunity to personally walk through the entire museum accompanied by both owners in 2022. It was a huge pleasure to see not only a cross-section of the bike's development, but entire blocks dedicated to local brands. This is what a museum should look like! This is the reason why collectors from all over the world will come and discover new and unknown technical treasures here. Their museum and exhibits are fantastic. The beautiful philosophy and attitude towards collecting is convincing. Alfredo and Carlo Azzini say: “We paid great attention to the conservation and restoration carried out in our restoration center. We study every detail, every difference. During many years of passionate research, we were guided by only one consciousness: although we are now the momentary owners of these treasures, our mission is only and exclusively one idea: to preserve and protect them and finally leave them to future generations with full respect for bicycle history."

Address: Palazzo Vertua Robbiani, via Robianni, 2 - 26015 Soresina (CR), Italy



242/A - Collezione A. & C. Azzini

A private museum present 10 main sector with circa 200 bicycle, they cover up the period between 1818 and 1955. There’re several typology of partition in order to have a clear image of the evolution of the bicycle. The Museum will be open only in the time table available in Facebook at the page Velocipedi e biciclette antiche collezione privata A & C Azzini and if you won’t find a date there you can have a reservation just for you in the weekend simply by keeping in touch in facebbok’s page.

242/C - Collezione A. & C. Azzini



Tino Sana - Museo del Falegname, Almenno San Bartolomeo – Italy +++++


In its rooms are on display ancient tools useful for woodworking, from all regions of Italy. Original objects that tell the story of the carpentry from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, with a special attention to the raw material, wood, investigated both from a productive and cultural point of view. The museum also houses a space dedicated to bicycles, the symbol of Italian popular culture to which are linked important sports traditions.

Contact: h

Address: Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 55, 24030 Almenno San Bartolomeo (BG), Itálie

280/A. Museo Tino Sana, Italy

Museo Storico della Bicicletta, Belluno - Italy +++++

Museo Storico della Bicicletta, Toni Bevilaqua (Collezione Sanvido)

Sergio Sanvido (former racer and bicycle dealer) inaugurated the Historical Bicycle Museum in 1997, named in memory of a great man of the past, the Venetian Toni Bevilacqua, world champion in 1950 and 1951. The museum was originally located in the house di Sergio, on the ground floor, near of the historic bike shop that still bears his name.

In 2007, Sergio himself donated a large part of his collection to the municipality of Cesiomaggiore, and it was then moved to the top floor of the town's elementary school, which was converted for museum purposes. And we must state that this collection can boast one of the most interesting collections in Italy.


Address: Via Grei 6, Contrada Anquetil, Cesiomaggiore, Belluno, Italy

277/A. Museo Storico della Bicicletta

Museo Scooter & Lambretta, Milano – Italy +++++

Part of a big  Scooter & Lambretta museum is vintage bicycle collection. A little over forty vintage bicycles make up a beautiful collection. Everything before 1940 and everything in original condition.

Address: Via Kennedy, 38 - 20090 RODANO (MI), Italy


256/A. Museo Scooter & Lambretta, Milano

Expo Motus: The Prehistory of the Automobile - Museo Galileo – Italy +++++

The dream of autonomous movement, independent of human and animal energy, is as old as the history of mankind. Its first expressions are lost in antiquity and are reflected in art, poetry and literature.

In thirteen stages, they take the visitor on an ideal journey that begins in Mesopotamia in the third millennium BC and ends with Karl Benz’s automobile in 1886. In between, there are extraordinary projects, which, from time to time, spring from intuitions destined to become a turning point in the field of automobility.

Exhibition Dates 08.04.2022 – 25.09.2022


Address: Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile di Torino, Corso Unità d'Italia, 40, 10126 Torino (TO), Italy

281/A. Exposition "MOTUS" 2022

Colnago museum – Cambiago, Italy +++++

Colnago is a traditional Italian bike and frame brand, the most Italian of Italians and the most classic of classics. Colnago has a sound, a rich history, a prestigious present, something that can be called the spirit of the brand and a gloriola exceeding the number of medals, records, rainbow jerseys of world champions, national titles of countries of almost all of Europe, scalps of the most prestigious races.

Right in the factory there is a large hall with the most interesting things that have been produced. Unfortunately, the bikes were moved out in 2022 and the plan is to build a separate museum. Unfortunately, concrete steps have not yet been taken. We had a great time with the bikes during our visit, so I share them in the gallery as a memory and thank you for using and


Address: Viale Brianza 7/9, 20040 Cambiago MI, Italy

282/A. Colnago Italy

Ciclocollection - Museo di Biciclette, Riva del Garda – Italy +++++

A private collection of bicycles - a small museum is located in Hotel Virgilio from Riva del Garda. Here, bicycle lovers can view a rare and exclusive collection of about 100 vintage bicycles. I recommend you to be attentive, because a careful eye will not miss a number of rare systems and interesting things on individual bikes. Most of the exhibits are in their original authentic condition. Absolutely TOP condition.

The curator and owner is Farè Pierluigi, a great cycling enthusiast who for more than twenty years has been recalling the history of the bicycle, which is fascinating, ever-evolving but also, unfortunately, gradually disappearing, as he likes to say.


Address: Via Virgilio, 21 - 38066 Riva del Garda (TN), Italy

279/A. Museo di Biciclette - Riva del Garda