Exposition ESKA – Museum Cheb, Czech republic +++++

The bicycle factory ES-KA was established 1911 in the same buldings where were made bicycles PREMIER before. Some bicycles from company museum bought town Cheb for town museum. These machines formed small exhibition, but only for short time, because this exposition was latter cancelled.

Contact: http://www.muzeumcheb.cz/Expo/Expon/Kola.html

49/A - ES-KA Cheb

An exposition with bicycles from ES-KA collection around 1960

49/C ES-KA en exposition c.1960

The factory ES-KA made bicycles from 1911 to 1996.

Latter adjudication directed that all buildings would be destroyed. Photos by Radim Hettner in 2009.

49/C - ES-KA Cheb 2009

Extract of catalogue ES-KA 1912

Es-Ka 1912

Catalogue ES-KA 1931

Es-Ka 1931

ES-KA made 1936

49/F- ES-KA 1936