Expo: „Pedallando nella Storia“, Ecomuseo Villaggio Leumann, Collegno - Italy

A beautiful local exhibition. On April 13 and 14, 2024, an exhibition of historical bicycles "Pedallando nella Storia" took place on the premises of the Leumann school in Collegno.

Joined by two associations (@associazionevelocipedistipiemontese and Officine Creative Torino Cecchi Point) and guests of the Villaggio Leumann Inquilini association, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its constitution.

The many passionate visitors who took turns in the premises of the old school were able to enjoy the bikes made by Turin's bicycle craftsmen.

The exhibition was complemented by dozens of racing bikes from the years 1920 to 1972, the ones with the "blue" lacquer of the frame of the legendary designer and manufacturer Lino Beltramo, whose bikes were used by the best racers in Turin, are noteworthy.

Fotos: with thanks to Francesco Di Sario

Address: C.so Francia, 345, 10093 Collegno TO, Itálie

Contact: https://villaggioleumann.it/villaggio-operaio-leumann/ecomuseo-progetto-cultura-materiale/

346 - Expo "Villaggio Leumann" 2024

Francesco Di Sario is primarily interested in the history of Turin brands. He has written several books: on Tommaso Nieddu and the Vittoria systems, on Lino Beltramo, the great frame designer and manufacturer, and on the historic Turin brand Frejus.

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