Expo 2023 „DDR-Rennräder von Textima“, Chemnitz, Germany +++++

On June 11, 2023, a special exhibition "Secret Developments: GDR Racing Bikes from Textima" opened as part of the Chemnitz Cycling Festival.

Secret research facilities, custom-made special bikes and great racing successes of the 1980s - the history of Textima special bikes is still exciting and shrouded in mystery.

Foto: Paik Jahnscheck,  Kathy Eichholz, Dirk Schmerschneider and Paik Jahnscheck

Address: Zwickauer Straße 77, 09112 Chemnitz, Germany

Contact: https://fahrzeugmuseum-chemnitz.de

341/A - DDR-Rennräder von Textima

Did you miss the Textima exhibition?

A small part of the special exhibition "Secret development: GDR racing bikes by Textima" was on display in the windows of the Chemnitzer bike shop "Radschlag".

341/B -Radschlag shop

341/C - DDR-Rennräder von Textima

VEB Kombinat Textima Karl-Marx-Stadt

VEB Kombinat Textima Karl-Marx-Stadt was an industrial combine in the GDR that produced textile machinery and was subordinate to the Ministry of Tools and Processing Machinery. Its task was the development, production and sale of systems and machines for the chemical fiber, textile and clothing industries, for thread production, fabric forming, clothing, finishing, textile cleaning and washing, as well as spare parts and accessories.

High-end racing bikes were quietly developed.

341/D - VEB Kombinat Textima Karl-Marx-Stadt

Textima 4000m Verfolger 1. Generation

Thank you: https://www.diamantrennradkult.de/textima-4000m-verfolger/

341/E -Textima 4000(a)

Textima 4000m Verfolger 2. Generation

Thank you: https://www.diamantrennradkult.de/textima-verfolger-2-generation/

341/F -Textima 4000(b)