Exhibition "Time Machines" - Café Továrna in Zlín, Czech Republic

The short-term exhibition took place on the first, very snowy, weekend of December 2023. The name of the exhibition comes primarily from its focus on time trial specials and track bikes. Several collectors showed their gems here, the atmosphere was complemented by important guests with their life stories connected either with racing or with the production of the bikes on display. In the course of 2024, the plan is to follow up with a second year, with its own, new theme.

More info: https://www.roadcycling.cz/clanek/pozvanka-stroje-casu-v-tovarne

Exhibition organizer: René Sedlář

Guests of honor: Svatopluk Zatloukal, Lada Kozlíková, Daniel Polman, Libor Matějka a Ludvík Usnul

Photo: with thanks to Petr Sehnoutka

Address: Vavreckova 7074, 13. budova , Zlín, Czech Republic

Contact: https://www.kavarnatovarna.cz

325 - Café Továrna 2023