Exhibit „An Unspoken History“, Elgin County Heritage Centre - Canada +++++

Selections from the Rick Wolfe Collection 

February 20, 2023 to August 2023   

Longtime collector and enthusiast Rick Wolfe currently has one of the most impressive collections of early bicycles and motorcycles on public display at Elgin County Heritage Centre in St Thomas Ontario. Expect to see some very cool engineering and many Canadian built bicycles from the 1800s and early 1900. Some of these are the only known examples in existence.

Velocipedes, high wheels and safeties from the earliest years of the cycling craze in the 1860s right through to the 1920s. Includes the only known example of the Lamson, one of the world’s earliest motorcycles. Also featuring trophies, medals, period posters, advertising novelties, and many accessories including oil lamps, horns, and costumes. Tools and equipment from the period can be found in a recreated “repair shop.”  

Address: 460 Sunset Dr, St Thomas, Ontario N5R 5X7, Canada

Contact: https://www.elgincounty.ca/museum/

300/A - Elgin County Heritage Centre - Canada

More than 150 smalls, trophy's, medals, lamps etc. This is the "spice" and it is precisely this that is greatly admired by visitors.

300/B - Elgin County Heritage Centre - Canada

We will please the experts, at the exhibition you will find the following machines:
1869 French Velocipede , 1873 French transition ordinary , 1885 Rudge 52inch Roadster, 1885 Star 52 inch  with original pant guard, 1888 CMC Club Kangaroo , 1890 CMC Irish Swift hard tire safety , 1898 Crypto Alpha Bantam , 1896 Rex , 1896 J. P. McClouskey bentwood lady's safety , 1896 Spalding chainless with patent steering wheel , 1896 Evans & Dodge mans safety made by automobile fame Dodge Brothers, 1897 Orient racing bicycle, bicycle was rode in 1936 Berlin Olympics, 1905 Racycle racer 12 inch chain ring, 1905 CCM Red Bird cushion frame, 1897 Crescent mans safety , 1910 CCM Massey, 1897 period bicycle shop equipment, 1901 Lamson motorcycle made in Abington Mass. USA "The only one known"

300/C - Elgin County Heritage Centre - Canada

More than an interesting lecture!

During the show, Rick Wolfe had an amazing display of bikes of the past.

 Many of them are one of a kind existing, it is nationally important collection of old marvelous bicycles.

300/D - an Interesting Lecture

Velociped William H. Laubach

Rick Wolfe: „WoW !!! What a exciting day at Elgin County Heritage Centre. The unveiling of the 1869 DR. William H. Laubach velocipede from the Lorne Shields collection in Ottawa. Head curator Mike Baker worked diligently to borrow this special artifact from Ottawa. I am privileged to show case this cycle next to my own collection on display. This velocipede was invented by Laubach 1869 in Philadelphia to aid people to be more physical . It's said he rode a 100 miles in 5 hrs. Myself being a rider of the ordinary I find it hard to believe. Laubach was almost along the line of being a snake oil sales man. Shortly after its patent he sold the velocipede to the Pearsall bros. of NY who started the 1st velocipede school in that city. Investing $300,000 into the velocipede and selling them for $125 ea. By late October of 1869 the fad of the velocipede was losing its impact on society. Makes me wonder if they reached their goal of their investment. No records of what they sold are known. After the acquisition it was named the Pearsall or the Keystone but gained the nickname the Snake for its undulating movement on the roadway. Such a interesting velocipede it has to be examined close up to understand its engineering. Come to the museum to see this unique cycle as well as selections from my own collection.“

Laubach velocipede

I'm in contact with Rick, we've never met in person but I feel we're like very close. Like me, Rick likes to welcome friends and Wheelman into his collection for lots of conversation. He is willing to share his collection with other friends and the public. This is very important for spreading interest in history and for a new generation of collectors.

More Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rick.wolfe.315

Photos: Rick Wolf and Larry Strung

Here are some photos of his private collection.

300 - Rick Wolfe Collection