Deutsches Zweirad - Neckarsulm, Germany +++++

The Deutsche Zweirad- und NSU-Museum has a collection of historic motorcycles and bicycles in a five-story split-level building dating to 13th Century.


55/A - Deutsches Zweirad museum 2015

A few new fotodetails were taken by our last visit 2022:

55/B - Deutsches Zweirad museum 2022

Small overview from the museum exhibition which was rebuilt during spring 2012.  Some bicycles from this exhibition are in museum deposit.

55/C - Deutsches Zweirad museum

Motorcycles collection

The collection representing 50 manufacturers are displayed, including a reproduction of the 1885 Daimler Einspur, the first gasoline, internal composition motorcycle, and an 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller, the first production motorcycle.

55/E - Deutsches Zweirad museum 2015

55/D - Deutsches Zweirad museum 2022

There is also an exhibit of NSU Motorenwerke AG vehicles.

55/F - NSU museum