Deutsche Fahrradmuseum, Bad Brückenau - Germany +++++

This educational museum in the spa city is probably the most interesting bicycle collection in Germany.

Address: Heinrich-von-Bibra-Str. 24, 97769 Bad Brückenau, Germany


Our last visit in summer 2023. Museum really "packed" with delicacies.
Additional information for connoisseurs only: "Unfortunately, over 65 quality bikes are at various exhibitions around the world, sorry", says owner Ivan Sojc. What to add?

12/H. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2023

The museum really still prepare new bicycle and new arrangement. Photos from 2022.

12/G. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2022

2021: Photos for this album were taken just in summer

12/F. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2021

2020: Incredible: our visit in 2020 and many new rare bikes. The exhibition is literally full of historical specimens ...

12/E. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2020

2015: Many and myny new bicycles on museum display!!!!

12/D. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2015


2013: Our next visit in museum - again many new bicycles and accessories, new and bigger exposition...

12/C. Bad Bruckenau - summer 2013

2011: Next part with new photos documenting a big progres this museum from opening in 2004. Photographs here in second part were made in spring 2011. Many and many new bicycles, parts, posters and accessories.

12/B. Bad Bruckenau - spring 2011


Our first before 2004

12/A. Deutsche Fahrradmuseum, Bad Brückenau - Německo