Day of bicycles – Boskovštejn 2019 September 14th - NEW DATE

Boskovštejn 2019, September 14th, Czech republic

We adding a new date for bicycle weekend, jumble sale and exposition for strong interest of all!!!

What: Meeting, exhibition, swap market, collectors rendez- vous


Photographs from the summer meeting 2019

Antique Bicycles Day 2019 - Jumble sale


A few pictures from 2017 event: Meeting, exhibition, swap market, collectors rendez- vous. Many participans from Germany, Austria, England, Hungary, Slovakia and Gzech republic came and showed nice bicycles during a day exposition or on jumble sale.  

Antique Bicycles Day 2017 - Atmosphere

The exposition and Jumble saleMany and many nice and rare bicycles and items were shoved around the kastle where bicycle museum is. 

Antique Bicycles Day 2017 - Jumble sale and expo

Where:      Boskovštejn castle with one of the most interesting bicycle museum in Europe


163/A Boskovštejn Czech rep.

When:       Weekend September – 2019, „The Day D“ is September 14th - 9 a.m.

Service:    No registration fee, free parking, free space for the tent, guesthouses in the neighborhood. Limited number of tents for the exhibited bicycles for free         

Atmosphere from 2018 event

Thank you very much for all particients who was there in past years. We were very happy with friends from Slovakia, Germany, Holland, Austria, Russia, Polland, Croatia, Hungry, Italy and USA.


Bicycle Day - Boskovštejn 2018

Night in museum

A very special atmosphere is during night in museum. On the display you can see many very rare bicycles which are survived one example only around the World. Especially collection suspension safeties (1885 - 1900) or part of museum with wooden bicycles. Many and many posters on the walls are in all rooms and sketch in fantastic atmosphere there.

Full photo gallery:

Museum night