Czech Velocipedist Club 1880 – field session 2024

The oldest cycling club in Bohemia – the 1880 Czech Velocipedist Club always meets at the beginning of the year for its annual meeting. This time it was combined with a trip to Moravia and over ten stops, which made the trip an incredible research experience.

ČKV 1880 2024


The first stop was semi-unofficial. The visit to the private collection of a friend PB and his friendly reception was very pleasant.

First stop


A large portion of surprises awaited us in the morning. A number of friends were already in Žamberk, but what they have built over the past few months has literally brought us to our knees.

Museum of old machines and technologies - Žamberk, Czech Republic

The museum of old machines and technologies was established in Žamberk on the premises of the original Vonwiller textile factory. Here you can view dozens of historic steam engines, locomotives, stable engines, vintage cars, motorcycles and several bicycles, and above all period workshop equipment.

The museum gradually opens individual exhibitions, focusing on various branches of historical technology and its development. Exhibitions are open to the public during events and outside of these days by prior arrangement by telephone.

The only thing we missed in Žamberk was a proper exhibition of historical bicycles. This is what they are waiting for and as they write themselves: "If this area is close to you, we welcome cooperation with you at any level from external supporters to new members." So hopefully soon....

Address: Betlém 506, 564 01 Žamberk, Czech Republic


330/A - Museum of old machines Žamberk

Themed events

Several times a year, most of the exhibits come to life, and that's just an experience!

Event dates:

330/B - Themed events Žamberk

Good food and drink is part of the trips. On the way to Olomouc, the local specialties "Olomoucké tvarůžky" and plum wine could not be missed!

The local specialties

Veteran Arena Museum of historic cars in Olomouc

The modern and generous museum transports you to a remarkable period in which car design was not bound by today's strict laws and regulations. In the interwar period, designers were rather artists who had a completely free hand, and ideal car shapes were still being sought.

The heart of the collection are Czechoslovak produced cars, mainly Tatra, Praga, Aero, Škoda, Jawa and Walter. In our museum you will also find the biggest completed collection of the Wikov brand from Prostějov and “Z” cars manufactured in Zbrojovka Brno (Armoury Brno, Zetka). Lovers of historic motorcycles can look forward to the Jawa, Praga, ČZ, Breitfeld & Daněk and Czechia-Böhmerland brands.


Wikov 35 “Drop”, the first Czechoslovak aerodynamic car

Praga Grand of Jan Masaryk, First Republic ambassador in Great Britain

Z5 Express, the most luxurious car made by Zbrojovka Brno (Armoury Brno)

Tatra 75 Sport (bodywork Bohemia) of Hugo Hass, an actor from the First Republic

Tatra 17 Sport (sport Tatra cooled by water)

Praga Piccolo of the First Republic actor František Fiala (Ferenc Futurista)

Address: Sladovní 103, 799 00 Olomouc 9 Pavlovičky


331/A - Veteran Arena Olomouc

Wikov 35 “Drop”, the first Czechoslovak aerodynamic car

331/B - Wikov 35 “Kapka”

Annual meeting of the club.

The main reason for the trip to Moravia. The nice environment of the Plan B pub and the nightlife of Olomouc were just right.

Club ČKV 1880 a Plan B


Carriage Museum, Čechy pod Kosířem, Czech Republic

The museum presents the unique and largest collection of historical carriages, sleighs and lanterns.

The Museum of Historical Carriages is located in the village of Čechy pod Kosířem in the Olomouc Region. The founder and director of the museum is the collector and restorer Václav Obr. The museum's mission is to collect and present collections of objects related to carriages, promote the craftsmanship of ancestors to the general public, and preserve cultural heritage.

Address: Náměstí Svobody 307,  798 58 Čechy pod Kosířem, Czech Republic


332/A - Carriage Museum, Čechy pod Kosířem

„Josefkol“ summer event 2024 (this year on July 20 and 21, 2024)

Josefkol is an inimitable event that presents the ancient crafts of carriage building, the history of carriage construction and builders, the rescue and restoration of carriages, the use of carriages in ancient times and today, the connection of man with nature with reference to the breeding and training of carriage horses, fashion and etiquette in operation historic carriages.

The uniqueness of the event is the presentation of the partners at this celebration in words and the presentation of banners with the logo of the organization, as well as the placement of the logo on the poster in various language mutations sent to some European countries. Connecting the pages of cooperating organizations with a link of the logo of the Carriage Museum and the general partner, which is the Olomouc region, as well as the Museum of History in Olomouc and the castle in Čechá pod Kosířem and others.

The best craftsmen of the Czech Republic, who participate in this prestigious Josefkol event, have also been working together on the restoration of historic carriages for over 20 years. At designated stations, he shows examples of work and processing of various materials, wood, iron, glass, textiles, leather, wicker, etc. Some are even with the title "Carrier of Tradition" awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Masters of harness, stuntmen, young athletes, artists and musicians from state and private organizations also present themselves at the event.

Various breeds of horses are also presented from all over the Czech Republic, heavy draft horses for the forest and fields, riding horses, for children, as well as carriage horses.

Over the past few years, this Josefkol event has been highlighted by references, letters of thanks and praise from many citizens and has been rated by the general public as the EVENT OF THE YEAR OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC.

332/B - Josefkol, Čechy pod Kosířem

More pfoto Josefkol 2022:

Veterans Museum – Slatinice, Czech Republic

In a renovated farmhouse from 1850 in the spa village of Slatinice in the Olomouc region, you will find history, relaxation, sports, entertainment and knowledge. On an area of ​​400 m2, you will find a collection of old cars, motorcycles (Mercedes Benz, BMW, KdF), and few bicycles mostly from the 1930s, and a number of period artefacts.

Address: Slatinice 2, 783 42 Slatinice, Czech Republic


333 - Veterans Museum – Slatinice

Meeting in Vyškov

Shop Bike & ski Usnul knows wells every cyclist in Moravia. A meeting with my friend Luďek Usnul, shop owner and passionate cyclist, directly encouraged me to have a great time. We also met Lada Kozlíková (for those who couldn't count her results: World Champion and 46-time champion of the Czech Republic) and admired her titanium bikes even years later.

The consultation with Josef Bayer, the manufacturer of Czech disc wheels and rims, was also interesting: "Robert, thank you that our carbons are still alive in the collections. Just a technical addition: The lawn in the photo is installed upside down. They have the least resistance the other way around. We tested and the result of the test in the air tunnel speaks clearly. The trailing edge of the bow has more resistance than the trailing edge."

Shop Bike & ski Usnul - Vyškov

Baťa Institute – Gallery and Museum, Zlín – Czech republic

Baťa, also Baťovy závody, is the name of a large Czech (originally Czechoslovakian) footwear company, which was founded by the siblings Anna, Antonín and Tomáš Baťa in Zlín in 1894. Until her marriage in 1898 and her departure from the company, Anna helped the brothers and managed the company's accounting , her younger brother Antonín, to whom the business was issued under the name "Antonín Baťa", died in 1908. The youngest brother Tomáš then continued the gradual development of the company, which bore the names of both brothers T & A Baťa until the change of legal personality in 1931. The new name of the company was "BAŤA, akciová společnost". From 1932, after the tragic death of Tomáš Bata, one of the founders of the company, on the basis of the inheritance Agreement, Jan Antonín Baťa took over all the company's assets.

Address: Vavrečkova 7040, 760 01 Zlín 1


335 - Baťa Institute, Zlín

Baťa catalogue c.1935/36

Baťa catalogue

MAS catalogue

MAS catalogue

Baťa Warranty card 1937

Warranty card 1937

Evening Zlín

Neither the all-day program nor the late evening stopped us, and we spent a few hours in the company of our friend and sports bike collector René Sedlář. Many people today associate this with his successful event and exhibition THE TIME MACHINE.

One part of the debate revolved around the CAMPIONE wheels, and we even got together with their creator, Roman Čermák.

Zlín and racing machines


Moto Veteran museum – Uherský Ostroh, Czech republic

Exhibition with an extensive collection fund from the field of motoring, trade, trade and crafts (one of the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic). Hundreds of exhibits on an area of ​​approx. 1,000 m2 in the rooms of the functionalist department store Adler from 1936.

MOTO, VELO, AUTO - a collection of almost 40 historical motorcycles of the Czech-Böhmerland, Praga, ČZ, JAWA, Indian, Harley-Davidson, etc. brands, bicycles, old workshop equipment, advertising signs, children's toys, technical uniques, antiques and curiosities.

Equipment samples of several trades such as a colonial, a brewery pub, a mechanical workshop, a photographer, a watchmaker, a pharmacy, a newsagent, etc.

Address: Kostelní 153, 687 24 Uherský Ostroh, Czech republic


336 - Moto Veteran museum – Uherský Ostroh

Zdeněk Měsíček – High wheel company

A friend and now a very experienced maker of high wheel replicas and an experienced restorer of vintage bikes very politely and similarly took us through the workshops and explained all the production processes.

Address: Celoznice 145, 696 51 Celoznice, Czech republic


Zdeněk Měsíček Company

Manor Granary Museum – Brtnice, Czech republic

Bicycles and sewing machines have always been a classic symbiosis in many stores. You can find the same connection in Brtnice. The bikes come from the family property of the castle's original owners.

Address: Horní město, 588 32 Brtnice, Czech republic


337 - Manor Granary Brtnice