Colnago museum – Cambiago, Italy +++++

Colnago is a traditional Italian bike and frame brand, the most Italian of Italians and the most classic of classics. Colnago has a sound, a rich history, a prestigious present, something that can be called the spirit of the brand and a gloriola exceeding the number of medals, records, rainbow jerseys of world champions, national titles of countries of almost all of Europe, scalps of the most prestigious races.

Right in the factory there is a large hall with the most interesting things that have been produced. Unfortunately, the bikes were moved out in 2022 and the plan is to build a separate museum. Unfortunately, concrete steps have not yet been taken. We had a great time with the bikes during our visit, so I share them in the gallery as a memory and thank you for using and


Address: Viale Brianza 7/9, 20040 Cambiago MI, Italy

282/A. Colnago Italy

Colnago factory in Cambiago

Thanks to my profession, we had the opportunity to visit the production and talk directly with the people involved in development and production. A very powerful experience!

282/B. Colnago Italy

History of the shamrock

1932 - Ernesto Colnago was born as the first son in a farmer's family

1945 - joins the prestigious Gloria bicycle factory, first contact with technology

1951 - A broken leg ended his racing career

1952 - leaves the Gloria company and starts assembling bikes on his own (on 25 m2)

1954 - the official opening of the store and the launch of the Colnago brand

1956 - Ernesto got married, moreover, he became a recognized mechanic of the G.S. Nivea professional team

1957 - sponsors Chlorodont team, Gaston Nencini wins Giro d'Italia, invents fork cold forming technology

1960 - Luigi Arienti wins the road race at the Rome Olympics at Colnago

1964 - Ernesto became the mechanic of the national team for many years

1971 - thanks to the use of new materials, it was possible to build a bike weighing only 5.25 kg for Eddy Merckx and his timepiece record

1975 - built a Mexico frame with a flattened frame tube

1986 - began collaboration with Enzo Ferrari, which brought new materials and technologies

1987 - straight road fork

1989 - the all-carbon C35 model was the first offspring of the Colnago-Ferrari collaboration

1991 - Carbitubo - original frame design with two thinner down tubes instead of a single strong one

1994 - Tony Rominger set a world record in the time trial at Colnago (55 km and 291 m); Ernesto completed and patented the technology of one-piece carbon couplings

1997 - a new Colnago factory was built in Cambiago

2000 - premiere of a limited series of CF1 carbon machines resulting from cooperation with Ferrari

2003 - the road gem C50 is ready for the company's 50th anniversary


As of 2022, the majority share of Colnago is majority-owned by an Abu Dhabi investment fund and part of the collection has moved to the newly opened showroom.

282/C. Colnago Abu-Dhabi