Ciclocollection - Museo di Biciclette, Riva del Garda – Italy +++++

A private collection of bicycles - a small museum is located in Hotel Virgilio from Riva del Garda. Here, bicycle lovers can view a rare and exclusive collection of about 100 vintage bicycles. I recommend you to be attentive, because a careful eye will not miss a number of rare systems and interesting things on individual bikes. Most of the exhibits are in their original authentic condition. Absolutely TOP condition.

The curator and owner is Farè Pierluigi, a great cycling enthusiast who for more than twenty years has been recalling the history of the bicycle, which is fascinating, ever-evolving but also, unfortunately, gradually disappearing, as he likes to say.


Address: Via Virgilio, 21 - 38066 Riva del Garda (TN), Italy

279/A. Museo di Biciclette - Riva del Garda