32sd ICHC

Live the present, Looking at the past, Thinking about the future


Conference Room Puerari, Museo Civico, Cremona, Italy

May 13-16, 2023

Carlo and Alfredo Azzini, Chairmans

Cremona host

Opening of the conference, Welcome and Daily Notes

Carlo and Alfredo Azzini (IT), 32sd ICHC Chairmans

Welcome - 32th ICHC 2023

Draisina – Muzeum Ala Ponsone

Gift of the Calciati Crotti family in 1994, restoration in 2019-22.

Draisina – Muzeum Ala Ponsone

Restoration of a Velocipede

Mauro Camosso (IT)

Mauro Camosso - 32th ICHC 2023

Bianchi bicycle and Museum A & C Azzini in Soresina

Carlo Azzini (IT)

Carlo Azzini - 32th ICHC 2023

The Bianchis of Bianchi

Alfredo Azzini (IT)

Alfredo Azzini - 32th ICHC 2023

Vintage bicycles Magazine

Galli Allesandro (IT)

Galli Allesandro - 32th ICHC 2023

The history of the bicycle before the invention of the bicycle

Gerjan Moed (Ned)

Gerjan Moed - 32th ICHC 2023

Human powered vehicles before two-wheelers

Dusty Jacobs (Ned)

Dusty Jacobs - 32th ICHC 2023


John Green (UK)

John Green - 32th ICHC 2023

The Bicycle Blitzkrieg: Japan´s invasion of Malaya 1941/42

Christian Wignal (San Francisco, CA)

Christian Wignal - 32th ICHC 2023

A Shifty Bussines: 120 years of shifting hub and bottom bracket gears

Christopher Morris (UK)

Chris Morris - 32th ICHC 2023

Cyclist as messengers of the motor dawn

Jan Králík (CZ)

Jan Králík - 32th ICHC 2023

A critical look at Radison´s claim about the first bicycle (1854)

David Herlihy (USA)

David Herlihy - 32th ICHC 2023

The Bicycle Bushranger

Rosemary Sharples (Sydney, Australia)

Rosemary Sharples - 32th ICHC 2023

Original photographs freeze time

Lorne Shields (Canada)

Lorne Shields - 32th ICHC 2023

A special article

Heinrich Bűltemann (Germany)

Heinrich Bűltemann - 32th ICHC 2023

New book: Alle origini della bicycletta

Mr.Azzini christened his new book during this year's conference

Mr.Azzini book

Museum A & C Azzini in Soresina

The best thing that awaited the participants of the conference was the nice "obligation" to spend several hours studying bicycles (mainly local brands) in the museum in Soresina.

Full museum report HERE.

Museum A & C Azzini

Museo Civico

A very nice building with history hosted this year's The conference ICHC

Museo Civico