Come and See US - Veterama Mannheim 13.- 15.10.2023

2023 - Our traditional place - STERBA STORE!


Plot 3 place FG3/750 together with VELO CLASIC and the biggest german bicycle museum Deutches Fahrradmuseum in Bad Bruckenau. 

Veterama 2023 - Invation

VELO-CLASSIC – still the same place!!! Plot 3 place FG3/750 Contact:


Our offer for 2023:

  • original velocipede - original paint, very good condition
  • 3 x high wheel
  • 1 x high wheel with suspension system
  • 1 x hard tire safety X frame Peugeot
  • 1 x hard tire tricycle Peugeot
  • 2 x hard tire safety
  • 1 x tandem Premier hard tire safety
  • 1 x Hirondele retrodirect
  • many pneu safety 1900 - 1920
  • many sport bicycles 1920 - 1940
  • parts, collector items, posters, books....


Lipsheim 2023 - France

A traditional jumble sale in France. Collectors, meetings, sales, wine, sun, bikes, motorcycles, cars....FUN!

Lipsheim - 2023


32sd ICHC

Live the present, Looking at the past, Thinking about the future


Conference Room Puerari, Museo Civico, Cremona, Italy

May 13-16, 2023

Carlo and Alfredo Azzini, Chairmans

Cremona host

Opening of the conference, Welcome and Daily Notes

Carlo and Alfredo Azzini (IT), 32sd ICHC Chairmans

Welcome - 32th ICHC 2023

Draisina – Muzeum Ala Ponsone

Gift of the Calciati Crotti family in 1994, restoration in 2019-22.

Draisina – Muzeum Ala Ponsone

Restoration of a Velocipede

Mauro Camosso (IT)

Mauro Camosso - 32th ICHC 2023

38.OLDTIMER - UND TEILEMARKT 2023 - St. Polten, Austria

A small taster indeed from our Austrian friends. The weather was not good.
Even taking pictures was difficult!

St. Polten 2023

Fahrrad FEST Bad Brückenau 1.Juli 2023 - Germany

The efforts and the good name of the entire family of the owner of the museum, Ivan Sojc, have made the meeting of collectors perhaps the most interesting specialized exchange in Europe within a few years. Today, Fahrrad FEST in Bad Bruckenau, on the premises of a great bicycle museum, is regularly visited by collectors from all over Germany, Austria, Holland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Switzerland and other countries. Take a close look at some photos from the event and make your own judgment based on the quality of the bikes on offer. The number of visitors cannot be compared with the gigantic vintage events for cars or motorcycles, but there are definitely more real bike collectors and buyers here than anywhere else.
Always the first weekend in July, so mark the date July 1, 2024 in your calendar now so you don't miss your chance to be there next year.

Address: Heinrich-von-Bibra-Str. 24, 97769 Bad Brückenau, Germany


Bad Bruckenau Jumble sale 2023

Hockeinheim 2023 - Spring Jumble sale

The most famous European jumble sale VETERAMA also has its spring version. Hockeinheim in Germany, on the racing circuit, where Formula 1 is also raced....

Great weather, great facilities, German organization... and there was a lot to look at and to choose from.


Hockeinheim 2023

The Exposition „Eska is beautiful. Bicycles from Chebu 1892 – 2006“

The exhibition "Eska is beautiful. Bicycles from Cheb 1892 – 2006" is a joint project of the Cheb Museum, where in late 2022 and early 2023 the first part mapping the production up to 1945 took place, and the gallery of fine arts in Cheb, respectively its branch Retromusea, where the post-war part was presented until bitterly end of bicycle production in Cheb in 2006.
Esky's roots go back to England, where in 1876 the Premier Cycle Company in Coventry began manufacturing high wheel bicycles. New factory was opened in Doos 1891 near Nuremberg and a year later in Cheb, where in December 1892 they assembled the first two bicycles. Director Kastrup left the Cheb Premier in 1911, and a year later another director, Swetlik. They had already agreed in advance that they would build a new factory in Cheb, better and bigger than their current employer. The new factory was still standing in the same year, 1911. It was the most modern of its kind in the Habsburg Monarchy at the time. In 1912, they produced 18,500 bicycles there, and in 1935 they celebrated their half-millionth bicycle Eska.
The post-war history of Eska faithfully copied the life of the entire company, from nationalization, through consolidation, iconic types of folding bikes, the gradual obsolescence of production technology to futile attempts to save it. Outwardly, the successful national enterprise exported bicycles to Western Europe, the USA and Canada, but at the expense of domestic customers, to whom the attractive export types did not reach.
The state invested minimally in Eska and its modernization, the factory languished and technology lagged behind. All she got were numerous reorganizations, formal transfers and proposals for unrealistic plans. At first it was incorporated under ČZ Strakonice, then, on the contrary, it took the Favorit plant under its wing. In a few years, the favorite was set aside to return to Eska again in a few years. The factory in Cheb was somewhat paradoxically managed for years by the Czechoslovak Automobile Works, later by Pragounion. But whichever institution was the superior body, it treated Eska in a paternalistic manner. After 1989, various erudite managers tried to keep the factory running, but they failed to maintain, let alone develop, production. The history of the once famous brand ended in May 2006 with the demolition of the building.
Text from Eska  book - Jan Králik 2023

Kastrup & Swetlik

Pedamotive tricycle, France c.1855

Pedamotive tricycle, Lever-driven machine, France c.1855

Now you can see this unique machine in the museum VELORAMA in Netherlands.

Pedamotive tricycle c.1855

SALON CHAMPENOIS Reims 2023 - France

The traditional French stock exchange has opened the season. It was no different this year. Lots and lots of people, great atmosphere and great trophies for many.

Reims 2023

E.Vincent -Paris
One of the first manufacturers of velocipedes, which entered the beginnings of bicycle production, was the French manufacturer E.Vincent. Production ended after 1870 due to the Franco-Prussian War. The Vincent high wheel was the only one known to me until this year. The second example was for sale in Reims this year.

E.Vincent -Paris

New Books 2023

JÜRG ZAUGG / NICOLA ZAUGG  Historic Bicycle Archiv

Very good work by JÜRG ZAUGG and NICOLA ZAUGG and their project Historic Bicycle Archiv 1 and 2. At the same time they are starting a new research by Michaux Pére and Cie Parisienne. Interest in this time period of the development of the bicycle continues to grow, and it is very worthwhile to seek new information and slowly piece together the mosaic of the beginning of the manufacture of the bicycle.



Glynn Stockdale wrote very interesting papers over a long period of time about manufacturers and their histories of Hobby Horses, velocipedes, ordinaries and safetys.
In this book Glynn’s work is published in a summary and for the first time in German.

Corry Cropper a Seth Whidden  Velocipedomania: A Cultural History of the Velocipede in France

Velocipedomania is the first in-depth study of the velocipede fad and the popular culture it inspired. It explores how the device was hailed as a symbol of France’s cutting-edge technological advancements, yet also marketed as an invention with a noble pedigree, born from the nation’s cultural and literary heritage. Giving readers a window into the material culture and enthusiasms of Second Empire France, it provides the first English translations of 1869’s Manual of the Velocipede, 1868’s Note on Monsieur Michaux’s Velocipede, and the 1869 operetta Dagobert and his Velocipede. It also reprints scores of rare images from newspapers and advertisements, analyzing how these magnificent machines captured the era’s visual imagination. By looking at how it influenced French attitudes towards politics, national identity, technology, fashion, fitness, and gender roles, this book shows how the short-lived craze of velocipedomania had a big impact. 


New books 2023