New book - Dr. František Skácel "Bicycle"

In June 2024, a new book was launched in the Gallery of the National Technical Library. The history and development of the bicycle processed with a very expert eye and well-known developmental turning points supplemented by the comments of an important expert. One of the most interesting books I have come across in this field.

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New book - introduced

New book Dr.Skácel

NEW book: Francesco Di Sario – VITTORIA!

„For those with an interest in cycling technology, changes have come so rapidly in the last thirty years that one loses sight of what came before. We enjoy our carbon frames, tubeless tires, clipless pedals and near-near faultless shifting over a wide range of gears commanded by wireless electronics, taking most of it for granted (well, minus the price!). But historians of racing cycling have not only looked at the great competitions and athletes of the past but also their equipment and the story is variable gearing is a fascinating one. A charming new book by Francesco Di Sario looks at one of the most successful of these pre-World War II efforts. “Vittoria! The Story of Tommaso Nieddu, the Shifting Systems, His Family and Inventions” shows how a small family concern’s innovations helped set the stage for what we enjoy today.“

Leslie Reissner says in her review of the complete article HERE

Francesco Di Sario - Vittoria book

“Vittoria! The Story of Tommaso Nieddu, the Shifting Systems, His Family and His Inventions”

by Francesco Di Sario
126 pp., profusely illustrated, softbound
Verlag Hollinek, Vienna, Austria, 2024
ISBN 978-3-85119-393-0

The book is available through Verlag Hollinek´s website, which takes PayPal, with ordering information here:

The price for the printed book is €34.90 from: order HERE

The price for the e-book is €20.00 from: order HERE

Vintage Revival Montlhery 2024 - France

The Vintage Revival Montlhéry is one of the classic car world’s top events, where the humblest cyclecar ranks equal with the rarest racer. It is an event where you can watch, with your heart in your mouth, rare and early mechanical marvels roar around a classic track. And in 2024 the circuit celebrated its centenary! As the mighty engines cool, you can get close up to see the design ingenuity and feel the purring vibrations of these early machines driven by fearless racing pioneers.  The Autodrome of Linas-Montlhéry, 16 miles south of Paris, is the last of the great vintage banked tracks to survive in almost its original condition. 

Address: Av. Georges Boillot, 91310 Linas, Francie


349/A - Monthléry 1924 - 2024

Atmosphere and great weather throughout the weekend

349/B - Monthléry 2024 - Atmosphére

The juble sale is part of the meeting

349/C - Monthléry 2024 - jumble sale

RETRO GARAGE spring 2024 - Lysá nad Labem, Czech Republic

„Retro Garáž“ is a vintage auto-moto market and sales exhibition focused on historic vehicles and everything that belongs to them. Just an event for lovers of vintage cars.

Address: Masarykova 1727, 289 22 Lysá nad Labem


RETRO GARÁŽ spring 2024

Hockeinheim 2024 - Spring Jumble sale

The most famous European jumble sale VETERAMA also has its spring version. Hockeinheim in Germany, on the racing circuit, where Formula 1 is also raced....

Great almoust summer weather, great facilities, german organization... and there was a lot to look at and to choose from.


Hockeinheim 2024

SALON CHAMPENOIS Reims 2023 - France

The traditional French stock exchange has opened the season. It was no different this year but with almost summer weather. Lots and lots of people, great atmosphere and great trophies for many.


Reims 2024


NEW BOOK – Historic Bicycle Archiv

JÜRG ZAUGG / NICOLA ZAUGG  Historic Bicycle Archiv

Next very good work by JÜRG ZAUGG and NICOLA ZAUGG and their project Historic Bicycle Archiv No.4



Historic Bicycle Archiv No.4

Czech Velocipedist Club 1880 – field session 2024

The oldest cycling club in Bohemia – the 1880 Czech Velocipedist Club always meets at the beginning of the year for its annual meeting. This time it was combined with a trip to Moravia and over ten stops, which made the trip an incredible research experience.

ČKV 1880 2024


The first stop was semi-unofficial. The visit to the private collection of a friend PB and his friendly reception was very pleasant.

First stop

Jos Rietveld's new book - FONGERS

A fantastically crafted history of the Fongers brand. Over 200 pages, large format and many photos and documents. Extremely well-made book in terms of material and binding.

Author's website: 

Jos Rietveld – FONGERS

The Prague Mile and the exhibition PRAGUE BIKES AND MANUFACTURERS

As members of the oldest cycling club in the Czech Republic, ČKV 1880, we organize and participate in a farewell session on Prague's Letenská plain under the name - Prague MILE. It was no different at the beginning of November 2023.

The Prague Mile 2023

The PRAGUE BIKES exhibition was a free continuation of the Pečič vs Štantejský sports bike exhibition. All this is a harbinger of the upcoming big exhibition in Prague, for which we are looking for bikes from Prague manufacturers, photos and documents to rent.


Exhibition Prague Bikes