SALON CHAMPENOIS Reims 2023 - France

The traditional French stock exchange has opened the season. It was no different this year but with almost summer weather. Lots and lots of people, great atmosphere and great trophies for many.


Reims 2024


NEW BOOK – Historic Bicycle Archiv

JÜRG ZAUGG / NICOLA ZAUGG  Historic Bicycle Archiv

Next very good work by JÜRG ZAUGG and NICOLA ZAUGG and their project Historic Bicycle Archiv No.4



Historic Bicycle Archiv No.4

Czech Velocipedist Club 1880 – field session 2024

The oldest cycling club in Bohemia – the 1880 Czech Velocipedist Club always meets at the beginning of the year for its annual meeting. This time it was combined with a trip to Moravia and over ten stops, which made the trip an incredible research experience.

ČKV 1880 2024


The first stop was semi-unofficial. The visit to the private collection of a friend PB and his friendly reception was very pleasant.

First stop

Jos Rietveld's new book - FONGERS

A fantastically crafted history of the Fongers brand. Over 200 pages, large format and many photos and documents. Extremely well-made book in terms of material and binding.

Author's website: 

Jos Rietveld – FONGERS

The Prague Mile and the exhibition PRAGUE BIKES AND MANUFACTURERS

As members of the oldest cycling club in the Czech Republic, ČKV 1880, we organize and participate in a farewell session on Prague's Letenská plain under the name - Prague MILE. It was no different at the beginning of November 2023.

The Prague Mile 2023

The PRAGUE BIKES exhibition was a free continuation of the Pečič vs Štantejský sports bike exhibition. All this is a harbinger of the upcoming big exhibition in Prague, for which we are looking for bikes from Prague manufacturers, photos and documents to rent.


Exhibition Prague Bikes

Copake Auction 2023

31st Annual Bicycle Auction, October 21, 2023

The biggest bicycle auction in the World - 930 LOTS – Bicycles and Bicycle related Collectibles, Parts/Accessories, Ephemera, Art, Photography, and more. Including several major collections from: Margaret Ann Baker (Maryland), Ed Berry (Oregon), Lane Motor Museum (Nashville, TN) and Ed & Marion Gerling Collection.

Address: 266 E Main St., Copake, NY 12516, USA


Photos: with many thanks Sharon Powell

Copake 2023

Veterama Mannheim 2023 - What was it like?

Airport in Germany, 13.-15.10.2023, 5500 expositors, 18 km of lanes between stalls, many and many visitors, when the jumle sale closes our store is empty, all top bikes and parts were sold, we are going home, extreme thanks to all friends from all over the World who visited our exposition, the bigest jumble sale in Europe Veterama Mannheim right now is already a thing of the past, next the same oportunity will be exactly one year from now, thanks again for a good deal and three day non-stop fun. Robert

Veterama Mannheim 2023

Veterama 2023 - Our Store

Come and See US - Veterama Mannheim 13.- 15.10.2023

2023 - Our traditional place - STERBA STORE!


Plot 3 place FG3/750 together with VELO CLASIC and the biggest german bicycle museum Deutches Fahrradmuseum in Bad Bruckenau. 

Veterama 2023 - Invation

VELO-CLASSIC – still the same place!!! Plot 3 place FG3/750 Contact:


Our offer for 2023:

  • original velocipede - original paint, very good condition
  • 3 x high wheel
  • 1 x high wheel with suspension system
  • 1 x hard tire safety X frame Peugeot
  • 1 x hard tire tricycle Peugeot
  • 2 x hard tire safety
  • 1 x tandem Premier hard tire safety
  • 1 x Hirondele retrodirect
  • many pneu safety 1900 - 1920
  • many sport bicycles 1920 - 1940
  • parts, collector items, posters, books....


Lipsheim 2023 - France

A traditional jumble sale in France. Collectors, meetings, sales, wine, sun, bikes, motorcycles, cars....FUN!

Lipsheim - 2023


32sd ICHC

Live the present, Looking at the past, Thinking about the future


Conference Room Puerari, Museo Civico, Cremona, Italy

May 13-16, 2023

Carlo and Alfredo Azzini, Chairmans

Cremona host

Opening of the conference, Welcome and Daily Notes

Carlo and Alfredo Azzini (IT), 32sd ICHC Chairmans

Welcome - 32th ICHC 2023

Draisina – Muzeum Ala Ponsone

Gift of the Calciati Crotti family in 1994, restoration in 2019-22.

Draisina – Muzeum Ala Ponsone

Restoration of a Velocipede

Mauro Camosso (IT)

Mauro Camosso - 32th ICHC 2023