Publicity related to the history of cycling

We support publicity related to the history of the bicycle in a great many ways.

As members of the oldest cycling club in the Czech Republic, ČKV 1880, we organize and participate in a farewell session on Prague's Letenská plain under the name - Prague MILE.

Míle and ČKV 1880

We organize or cooperate in organization of exhibitions of bicycles, meetings of collectors and professional workshops. We regularly participate in meetings of IVCA (International Veteran Cycle Association) ICHC (International Cycling History Conference)


The collecting of bicycles in the Czech Republic reached a high point with the opening of the specialized private museum in Nové Hrady.(for more info part MUSEUMS)


We organize and participate in outings and rides on historical bicycles in Bohemia and abroad. A calendar of events can be found at


We cooperate with the Kohout theatre company, which consists primarily of members of the Czech Club of Velocipedists 1880 and which has already prepared and presented two period theatre plays that promote the history of bicycles in a distinctive manner.