Exhibition - L'HISTORIQUE, Marmande à "La Belle Epoque" 2011 +++++

Pictures are from nice meeting people around antik bicycles, motorcycles, cars and history generally on south of France in picturesque town - Marmande. Exhibition with a lot very rare machines was organized every years and these photographs are from third annual volume from 2011.

Contakt:  http://www.etoiledargent.org/

45/A - Exhibition "Marmande á la Belle époque", France

Collection of Robert Gransiegne and Emmanuel Déhan - Sceaux, France +++++

Lovely exposition showed collection of Robert Gransiegne and Emmanuel Déhan.. Many of bikes from ex collection Robert Gransiegne was donated to Sceaux State Castle Paris in 1964 and these are saveing in themuseum depositories.

For more photos see our gallery when we wisited this place.

Contact:  http://domaine-de-sceaux.hauts-de-seine.fr/index.php?id=46

176 - Exhibition 2014/15 Sceaux, France

Photos from internet site:




The Cycle Museum of Favrieux – France +++++

This is a private bicycle museum with a complete cross-section of the development of bicycles.

Contact:   the museum was closed 2015

11. The Cycle Museum of Favrieux – France

Museum Barthélemy Thimonnier „La Machine à coudre et la Cycle“ – Amplepuis, France +++++

Barthélemy Thimonnier, (August 19, 1793 in L'Arbresle, Rhône - July 5, 1857 in Amplepuis), was a French inventor, who invented the first sewing machine that replicated sewing by hand. His museum included a few rooms with bicycles.

Contact: http://www.graha-museethimonnier.org/

63 - Barthélemy Thimonnier

Musée des Arts Forains - Paris, France +++++

Just two velocipede carousels remain in the world today. One is in France while the other is part of a traveling collection of vintage amusement park rides. The velocipede carousel in France resides at the Museum of Arts Forains (Museum of Fairground Arts) in Paris' Bercy neighborhood. The museum, opened in 1996, includes colorful jumble of carousels, carnival rides and games from the 1850 to 1930 time period. The beautifully restored pieces were collected by a man named Jean-Paul Favand; His collection is one of the largest private collections in Europe. Luckily for the rest of us, Favand turned his collection into a museum so everyone could enjoy it. Even better, the rides in his collection aren't simply on display, they're still operative. So yes, if you head to the museum, you can pedal his 1885 velocipede carousel [sources: Thomas, Robertson] The museum reported to have been made in 1897 and it was discovered in Belgium around 1940. Two interesting points about his velocipede carousel: while the French carousels all run counterclockwise, this one runs clockwise because it was operated in Great Britain, where that direction was the norm.This velocipede carousel was also featured in the 2011 film "Midnight in Paris," directed by Woody Allen [source: Rohan]. The first big-rounds appeared around 1870 and served as a school for riding bicycles and promoting riding in general.

The museum is open to the public once a year and getting inside for an individual tour is very difficult, almost impossible. After many years the door opened to us so we can share.

Contact: http://arts-forains.com

247/A - Musée des Arts forains

Fête Paradiso

The world's other remaining velocipede carousel is part of Fête Paradiso, a similar group ofvintage rides, carousels and various other carnival components. Frenchmen Francis Staub and Régis Masclet, rabid collectors of old carnival rides and art, purchased the pieces and came up with the idea of traveling around the world with them, reminiscent of the carnivals of yesteryear. Fête Paradiso was set up for several weeks at a time in various locales, beginning in 2013 [source: Rohan].

247/B Fête Paradiso

Musée de la Moto et du Vélo, Amnéville les Thermes – France +++++

This is an automotive and bicycle museum with a large collection of bicycles, most of which are in the original condition in which they were found.

Contact:  www.trivago.de/amneville-103404/museum/musee-de-la-moto-et-du-velo-161807

15. Musée de la Moto et du Vélo, Amnéville les Thermes – France

Musée de la Moto - Marseille, France +++++

The quality and often the uniqueness of bicycles and especially motorcycles has allowed the Motorcycle Museum in Marseille to make a good name in the world of historians. Very helpful and pleasant owner and other staff. Three floors full of bikes and motorcycles. In addition, the archive on the ground floor is open to the public.

Address: 18 Traverse, Trav. Saint-Paul, 13013 Marseille, Francie

Contact: https://musees.marseille.fr/collection-permanente-du-musee-de-la-moto

310 - Musée de la Moto - Marseille

Musée Comtadin du Cycle – Pernes Les Fontanes, France +++++

This museum was opened during 2012 in old historic building Hôtel de Brancas. Evolution of bicycle is showing through more than 60 machines loaning out from local privat collections.

Contact:  http://www.provenceguide.com/patrimoine-culturel/musee-comtadin-du-cycle/mont-ventoux/provence-PCUPAC084CDT0000002-1.html


144 - Comtadin du Cycle

Musée Auto Moto Vélo – Châtellerault, France +++++

„Auto Moto Vélo" museum is situated inside old arms factory which was build 1819 under rule Lewis XVIII. Fantastic atmosphere old industrial buildings in combination antique bicycles, motorcycles, cars, posters and many items...

Contact: http://www.alienor.org/musees/index.php?/fre/La-liste-des-villes/Chatellerault/Musee-Auto-Moto-Velo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/musees.chatellerault

148/A - Musée Châtellerault, France

Le musée du Vélo - La Fresnaye sur Chédouet, France +++++

The bicycle museum focused on race cycling a Tour de France with nonrecuring atmosphere. When we was there we must to say that slogan "Pleasure and Emotion are secure" is absolutelly truthful.

Contact: http://www.lemuseeduvelo.com/

104/B - La Fresnaye sur Chédouet, France