„Le musée de Marco“ Exposition Centre Culturel Albert Camus – Issoudun, France +++++

Marco Lebreton and his "Le musée de Marco" organized many occasional expositions on the way. A very nice man, a friend and an expert of antik bicycles.

Contact: http://www.lemuseedemarco.fr

A few photos from Centre Culturel Albert Camus in Issoudun exposition in 2018:

223/A Exposition Centre Culturel Albert Camus 2018

Marco collection 

223/B „Le musée de Marco“ - exponáty


VÉLOCIPÉDIA – Randan, Puy-De-Dome, France +++++

It was not first time when people around Tonton Velo organized event for fans of antique bicycles. Randan, small village in central France hosted collectors and fans (2015 May 1th to 3th). Nice exposition of bicycles, jumble sale, ride bikes and meeting friends, talks and spend time in good mood - it is main idea for this great event! Very nice atmosphere there. Many thanks to all people who helped with organization.

Contact: http://forum.tontonvelo.com/

170/A Randan Vélocipédia

Tournus - France +++++

This museum, opened in 2010, contains a private collection of more than 200 machines. The collection is unique in that most of the machines are still in the original, unrestored state.

Contact:    www.enviesdevelo.com

31. Tournus - France

Musée national du Château de Compiègne, Francie +++++

Fantastic atmosphere is in the “Royal Carriage” museum in Compiegne close to Paris. Only three velocipedes are on display for public. Very decorative velocipede Cie Parisienne, front suspension velocipede Benon and an english safety Singer.

Contakt: http://palaisdecompiegne.fr/

51/A - Compiegne, France

The photos were taken 2010

At the present time, this part of the exhibits are not open to the public and not everyone has the opportunity to examine the beauty of the displayed items. Some pictures were taken in museum deposit.

51/B - Compiegne, France

Musée du Vélo, Hiers Brouage – France +++++

Very nice bicycle collection owned by Jean Simo situated on old street in military fortress. Many really rare velocipedes, tricycles and system bikes.

Contact: http://www.musee-du-velo.com


206 - Musée du vélo Brouage


Musee du Velo - Abbaye Trois-Fontaines, France +++++

Musee du Velo - Abbaye de Trois-Fontaines near very famous and inportant town for bicycle collectors - Bar-le-Duc.

This private collection is open to the public only during the vacations. Many interesting bikes in original condition.

Contact:   www.france-voyage.com/towns/bar-le-duc-19969.htm

24/1 - Tres Fountais, Bar-le-Duc - Francie

Musée des Arts et Métiers – Paris, France +++++

The Musée des Arts et Métiers (Museum of Arts and Crafts) is a museum in Paris that houses the collection of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (National Conservatory of Arts and Industry), which was founded in 1794. The museum has over 80,000 objects and 15,000 drawings in its collection, of which about 2,500 are on display in Paris. Though a lot of bicycles from collection of museum are in deposit, we recommend visit this place.

Contakt:  http://www.arts-et-metiers.net/

123/A - Musée des arts et métiers

Musée Automobile de Vendée - Talmon Saint Hilare, France +++++

Automobile Museum of Vendée is first of all a history of family: that of Giron which for over 75 years collect, restore and maintain cars, two wheel and all kinds of accessories related to historic vehicles for the sake of heritage preservativ. Thus, over 150 cars, motorcycles and bicycles are on public display in a room of 3.300 metres forcefully explanation, posters, models and period accessories.

Contact: www.musee-auto-vendee.com

217/A - Musée Automobile de Vendée

217/B - Musée Automobile de Vendée

Musée Ateliers des Pionniers, Gallardon - France +++++

A very nice and friendly small private museum not far from Paris. Nice atmosphere and smell there - typical for france museums and velo-moto collection. Many seasonal exhibitions and events are organized there every year.

Adresa: Place de la gare, 28230 Bailleau-Armenonville, (à proximité de Gallardon), Francie

Contact: http://www.musee-ateliers-des-pionniers.fr

241/A - Musée Ateliers des Pionniers

Henri Malartre museum, (69 - Roch.sur Saône) Lyon – France +++++

This large museum administered by the city is located in the beautiful surroundings of a period castle.

Contact:   www.musee-malartre.com/malartre/

06. Henri Malartre museum, Lyon – France