JIHOČESKÉ MOTOCYKLOVÉ MUSEUM, České Budějovice - Czech Republic

The owner Petr Hošťálek is a man on right place. He has many experience with motorcycles. He loves riding on historic motorcycle. If you visit his museum a few bicycles are there too.

Contact: http://www.motomuseum-hostalek.cz/

193 - Jihočeské motocyklové muzeum

Gallery Visio Art, Jan Bejšovec . Photo Exposition, Pilsen – Czech Republic

Famous gallery Visio Art in Pilsen organized an exposition of czech photographer and exchairmen Czech Velocipedist Club (ČKV 1880) with some bicycles from a privat bicycle collection of Stanislav Cink. Motto of exposition: "Ride a bike must be nice, but absolutelly not easy!"

Kontact: http://www.visioart.cz/

Photos from openig ceremony: Jan Kaše        

158 - Galerie Visio Art

Expo of Petr Šimpach – Bílovec Museum, Czech Republic

Exhibition "BICYCLE from birth to the second half of the 20th century"

Petr Šimpach, a student from Bílovec, has been collecting vintage bikes since he was thirteen. He perceives this passion of his as an activity that saves a piece of history for future generations and can thus, at least in a small way, contribute to ensuring that it is not forgotten. You can view the complete collection of Repeko Cycles (@repeco_cycles) supplemented by exhibits loaned by the Moravan and Elegant associations in Ostrava in Bílovec Museum.

The whole exhibition is a very nice achievement of a passionate young collector. Congratulations and fingers crossed! You can visit the exhibition from Tuesday 24 January to Tuesday 28 February 2023 during the opening hours of the Bílovec Museum.

Address: Zámecká 691/5, 743 01 Bílovec, Czech Republic

Contact: https://muzeum.kcbilovec.cz

296/A - Bílovec Museum 2023

EXHIBITION GRAND OPENING: Monday 23 January 2023

296/B - Bílovec Museum 2023

Expo 2023 – Slezskoostravský hrad, Czech Republic

Being a cyclist requires style. This is the name of the exhibition, which was prepared at the Silesian Ostrava Castle by the Ostrava association Elegant.

The exhibition opened on 2023 March 30 and will last until June 30. The new format of the cycling exhibition connects history with the present.

Photos and more info: https://elegantspolek.cz

Address: Slezskoostravský hrad, Hradní 1, 710 00 Slezská Ostrava, Czech Republic

Contact: https://www.slezskoostravskyhrad.cz

303 - Expo Elegantspolek

Exhibition 30 years of Superior, TATRA Museum, Kopřivnice - Czech Republic

The beginning of Superior bicycles in Kopřivnice dates back to 1993. In 2002, the Superior of the founder Jaroslav Výborny was included in the Bike Fun International (BFI) portfolio of bicycles. The company produces bicycles and e-bikes for the European and world markets and is the largest producer of bicycles and e-bikes in the Czech Republic. Tomáš Němec joins BFI and becomes its owner through ConsilTech, a member of the Czech family holding Consillium in 2020.

The exhibition is possible to visit at the Tatra Truck Museum, Kopřivnice from June 2023.

Address: Husova 1326/13, 742 21 Kopřivnice

Contacts: https://www.muzeumtatra.cz

311/A - 30 years of Superior

Exhibition "Time Machines" - Café Továrna in Zlín, Czech Republic

The short-term exhibition took place on the first, very snowy, weekend of December 2023. The name of the exhibition comes primarily from its focus on time trial specials and track bikes. Several collectors showed their gems here, the atmosphere was complemented by important guests with their life stories connected either with racing or with the production of the bikes on display. In the course of 2024, the plan is to follow up with a second year, with its own, new theme.

More info: https://www.roadcycling.cz/clanek/pozvanka-stroje-casu-v-tovarne

Exhibition organizer: René Sedlář

Guests of honor: Svatopluk Zatloukal, Lada Kozlíková, Daniel Polman, Libor Matějka a Ludvík Usnul

Photo: with thanks to Petr Sehnoutka

Address: Vavreckova 7074, 13. budova , Zlín, Czech Republic

Contact: https://www.kavarnatovarna.cz

325 - Café Továrna 2023

Exhibition "Historic bicycle – collection M.Šindelář" – Museum Aš, Czech Republic

A small exhibition with many sport and race bicycles from local privat collection of Mr. Martin Šindelář.. This exhibition was opened through spring and summer 2017 in Town museum in Aš - the Czech Republic.

Contact: http://www.muzeum-as.cz


203 - Aš - Exposition 2017