Summer exhibition 2022 – Svitavy City Museum, Czech Republic +++++

On June 3, 2022, the eleventh rerun of the Czech Silver Museum's exhibition Cycling Adventures – the High Bike Era in Bohemia was officially opened as part of Museum Night in the City Museum and Gallery in Svitavy. The exhibition was on view until September 4, 2022.

It was a good move that part of the exhibition was dedicated to local events in cycling and local companies connected with bicycles.


Address: City Museum and Gallery, Máchova alej 293/1, 568 02  Svitavy, Czech Republic

287 - Exposition Svitavy 2022

Summer 2013 Bike Exposition - Pardubice, Czech Republic +++++

Season exposition from collection of Jiri Uhliř and The first Czech bicycle museum – Nové Hrady.

Contakt: http:

Photo: Ing. Jiří Macek

124 - Pardubice 2013

Region museum Semily - Czech Republic +++++

Very lovely local exposition showed privat collection of Jiri Plechata. Nice place and setout.


174 Exposition Semily - 2015

Private collection - The Czech Republic +++++

When I spend some time there I had to say: "99% big museums very often with huge collection have problem and they don't know about. There is not really atmosphere with all smells and surprise. I love try to find something under layer of dust...."

Contact: the owner won't to be contacted other people, sorry.


135 - The Private Collection and Deposit

Privat Museum of Martin Hlavaty, Czech Republic +++++

A very nice privat collection many bikes and parts in original condition. 


246 - Privat museum M.Hlavaty

National History Museum in Šumperk, Czech Republic +++++

Another continuation of the "Cycling Adventure" exhibitions with a range of interesting local information and bikes that have not been presented to the public.


Address: Hlavní tř. 342/22, 787 31 Šumperk

316 - Šumperk, Czech Republic

Museum of race cycling, Terezín, Czech Republic +++++

Museum of race cycling of the Czech Cycling Association, Terezín
The Museum of Racing Cycling is located in the bowels of Cavalier 6 – Artillery Barracks, where the office of the famous Junior Peace Race is also located. Opening hours by agreement with the management of the Slavoje Terezín Cycling Club, located at the same address

Mgr. Svatopluk Henke, tel:+420603984046
Ing. Václav Bureš, tel:+420737359719

Address: Akademická 409, Terezín, Czech republic


318/A - Museum ČSC Terezin

Museum Moto & Velo - Přerov nad Labem, Czech Republic +++++

The items on display are corresponding with the name of museum "Moto & Velo". I am sure that antique bicycle fans will be satisfied in the same level like vintage motorcycle fans. The private museum was open in1998 by his owner Tomáš Moravec. 


139/A Museum Moto & Velo - Přerov, Czech Republic

Museum Histovelo - Kola Nakladal, Brno - Czech Republic +++++

During summer 2016 the museum owner Bořivoj nakládal opened small family bicycle museum. Many experience with race bicycles are very easy recognise in all parts of museum. Very interesting and very nice especially for people interested in czech races and riders.


194 - Histovelo Brno

Moto Veteran museum – Uherský Ostroh, Czech republic +++++

Exhibition with an extensive collection fund from the field of motoring, trade, trade and crafts (one of the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic). Hundreds of exhibits on an area of ​​approx. 1,000 m2 in the rooms of the functionalist department store Adler from 1936.

MOTO, VELO, AUTO - a collection of almost 40 historical motorcycles of the Czech-Böhmerland, Praga, ČZ, JAWA, Indian, Harley-Davidson, etc. brands, bicycles, old workshop equipment, advertising signs, children's toys, technical uniques, antiques and curiosities.

Equipment samples of several trades such as a colonial, a brewery pub, a mechanical workshop, a photographer, a watchmaker, a pharmacy, a newsagent, etc.

Address: Kostelní 153, 687 24 Uherský Ostroh, Czech republic


336 - Moto Veteran museum – Uherský Ostroh