Hard Tire safety - 2 speed c.1893/94

Complete and original condition hard tire safety.

2 speeds - a great rarity. Finding a machine from this period that has two pinions on the rear hub and a turn of the wheel to change the gear ratio is an absolute specialty. The same system was used mostly in sports bikes in the years 1920 - 1940.

Machine to complete. Beautiful saddle with luxury duralumin rivets, pedals on ball bearing.

The rubber tires are not original and the front one is very simply adjusted. The wheels are in pretty good condition. A few wires need fixing.

The front fork is after a professional crack repair, the place of the repair is practically unrecognizable with the eye, it has no effect on the function.

The machine looks very nice with the same level of corrosion for display. With a little skill and work, I can imagine getting the machine running.

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Frame size: from middle to the top of saddle tube 56 cm

Wheel size: front 30" and back 28"