Vintage Revival Montlhery 2024 - France

The Vintage Revival Montlhéry is one of the classic car world’s top events, where the humblest cyclecar ranks equal with the rarest racer. It is an event where you can watch, with your heart in your mouth, rare and early mechanical marvels roar around a classic track. And in 2024 the circuit celebrated its centenary! As the mighty engines cool, you can get close up to see the design ingenuity and feel the purring vibrations of these early machines driven by fearless racing pioneers.  The Autodrome of Linas-Montlhéry, 16 miles south of Paris, is the last of the great vintage banked tracks to survive in almost its original condition. 

Address: Av. Georges Boillot, 91310 Linas, Francie


349/A - Monthléry 1924 - 2024

Atmosphere and great weather throughout the weekend

349/B - Monthléry 2024 - Atmosphére

The juble sale is part of the meeting

349/C - Monthléry 2024 - jumble sale

There were also several bicycles among the cars

349/D - Bicycles in Montlhery 2024

Velo Torpille - you don't see that every day

349/E - Velo Torpille

Unreal spectacle – motorcycles

349/F - Montlhéry 2024 motorcycles

Finally, the best: cars

349/G - Montlhéry 2024 cars