Victor 1889, Victoria - new treasure

We managed to get a unique bicycle for our collection

Victor - new treasure

Victoria model 36 - 1898

Really very difficult to find an original bicycle in original condition after 120 years, like in this case. It was never been used, cleaning, repaired, restored.... This "sleeping beauty" waited for many years to be showed again with all original parts, without demage, with original paint, strips, wooden parts, original tires.... 

Victoria 1898

Catalogue Victor 1898 

Part of Overman Wheel Company - Victor catalogue where is description and pictures of our bicycle.

Victoria 1898 - model 36

Catalogue Victor 1899 designed by Mr. Bradley

An 1899 Victor bicycle catalogue was designed by Will Bradley. I have been told that his work is collectable.

A small remark at the end: Mr. Overman and his Victor went out of business in 1889, so this was there last shot! 

Victor and Will Bradley