The Science museum - London, England +++++

The Science museum in London is one of very famous museums around the world. The bicycle collection is exceptional, but 99% bicycle is in deposit. When my good friend visited  this museum, he was very disappointed and he had writen on his blog about it. It is interesting and truthfull story.


Photos from museum:

Max´s blog: and Tim´s blog:

88/A - Science-Museum

I am happy that I am able to show nice original pictures made before 1955 for needs and audit of museum.

88/B - Science-Museum

Small overview of the two part book „The History and Development of CYCLES“ by C.F. Caunter and the Science Museum from 1955.

88/C - Science-Museum

Tony Pickering - memeber of VCC England: "On a visit to the British Science Museum Warehouse Storage depot, late 1980's I came across this extraordinary machine .. research gave me the name of the inventor as Thomas Shergold of Gloucester who in 1878 (?) made the machine.
What could be the First Chain - driven Safety bicycle remains unaccepted by today's Cycling Historians .. WHY ?"

88/D - Science-Museum