The History of the Bicycle in Bohemia 1817 - 1918

Jan Králík: The History of the Bicycle in Bohemia 1817 - 1918

The book measures 22 x 24 cm, weighs 1.75 kg, has 400 pages, 650 pictures, 52 chapters, captions for the pictures are in Czech / English, the chapters have an English summary. Hardcover.


Robert Štěrba: "The book is the first truly well-written history of bicycles, production, races and personalities in the Czech Republic, and therefore in the world. Jan Králík has been a recognized expert in the field of bicycle history for years, participant in many international conferences on historical bicycles. He publishes, but he mainly studies the history of the wheel for almost thirty years. He is one of the most respected experts in the world.

I read the book, contributed to the proofreading of the text and I can really RECOMMEND. I am sure that everyone will find new information and certainly new, hitherto unknown and unpublished preserved photographs! "


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 The History of the Bicycle in Bohemia 1817–1918



  1. Before the beginning
  2. The draisine
  3. Forget Ján Kollár
  4. Draisines in Czech lands
  5. Don’t believe in fairy tales I
  6. Before the pedal
  7. Let there be pedals
  8. Who was it?
  9. The difficult life of a monument
  10. Don’t believe in fairy tales II
  11. Velocipedes in Czech lands
  12. Jan Neruda
  13. The first races
  14. The high-wheel bicycle
  15. Don’t believe in fairy tales III.
  16. How the high-wheel bicycle came to Bohemia
  1. To understand each other
  2. Kohout family
  3. Excelsior
  4. The first Kohout bicycle
  5. The early days of manufacturing Kohout bicycles
  1. Champion Bicycle
  2. Czech Club of Velocipedist
  3. Clubs and the Czech Central Association of Velocipedists
  1. Amateurs and Professionals
  2. On to the track!
  3. Regulations
  4. Manufacturers of (not only) high- wheel bicycles
  1. Businessmen dealing in high- wheel bicycles
  1. Accessories
  2. Safeties
  3. Rover
  4. Tyres
  5. Twilight of high-wheel bicycles, dawn of safety bicycles in Bohemia
  1. Is it healthy?
  2. Manufacturers of safety bicycles and traders
  1. Premier in Cheb
  2. Premier Helical
  3. Crisis
  4. Sharp elbows
  5. Motor intoxication
  6. Eduard Nikodem
  7. At the Olympics and at the Championship of the world
  1. Women in the saddle
  2. CCAV running out of breath
  3. Magazines out of breath
  4. Literature, theatre, songs
  5. Will we live to see a museum?
  6. Six-day scandal
  7. Es-Ka
  8. Premier in a whirlwind of changes
  9. The bicycle in the army
  10. To sum it up