Terrot HT system bike, c.1920

C. 1920 Terrot HT system bike, good original condition, just missing brakes. Extremely rare 4 speed bicycle offering a wide range of gearing,  with fixed chain line and 4 speed pinion sliding in and out of the rear hub. Terrot were pioneers in developing multiple speed bicycles (polymultiplié)  for mountainous areas, the HT was with the levocyclette one of their most interesting and expensive models. The HT Terrot won gold medal of the Touring Club de France in 1922. Nice condition paint and nickel, this is a bike with much original patina that will react well to conservative restoration work. Top quality machine from the best french maker of the time, very very rare, fascinating technicaly, good original condition, this is a very collectible bicycle.

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circa 1920