Shiro Yagami's Bicycle Museum, Nagoya - Japonsko +++++

Privátní sbírka. 

Bohužel v současnosti nemáme žádné informace o panu Yagami ani o osudu sbírky.

Fotografie v galerii jsou z roku 2008.

218 - Shiro Yagami's Museum

Článek který jsme našli jako poslední znínku na internetu je z roku 2008:

„Think of any inanimate object, and there’s bound to be a mad passionate collector of it tucked away in the suburbs of Japan somewhere. Shiro Yagami needs an entire building for his collection, as his wife won’t have any of it in the house. Mr Yagami is a bicycle fanatic of the most extreme persuasion. He’s run the Yagami Corporation for around 50 years, importing bicycle parts from all over the world, particularly Europe and America. Gradually his growing collection demanded it’s own space, and so the Cycle Gallery Yagami Bicycle Museum was created. His collection contains around 200 of some of the more amazing two-wheeled machines, plus bike paraphernalia, from all over the world, mostly gifts from a huge accumulation of friends. Some of the most impressive displays are the vintage bikes dating from the early 1800s. A single-wheel monster bike that is one of only two in the world, and the 1950s classic American bicycles, which look like futurist two wheeled versions of Cadillacs or Mustangs. There are also posters and prints of bike-related artwork, and a library of books and magazines, some hundreds of years old and worth thousands of dollars, in mint condition. Mr Yagami is only too happy to walk you through the collection and explain with childlike enthusiasm the various bikes and bike bits. Having traveled extensively to places like Australia and the US in pursuit of elusive bicycles and parts, his English is really something, so you shouldn’t have any problems asking questions about the displays.“