Rocquemont N. – 51 Avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris, France


One of the most luxurious velocipedes of the "Biczycle collection" has been completed to this condition and ready to be on museum display in the last days of 2022. The large (front wheel diameter 110 cm) and very luxurious machine of the Parisian manufacturer using Mayer front and rear wheels is among the most interesting and rare preserved machines from this period.

Rocquemont N. – Paris, France

A few examples of surviving and known Rocquemont machines:

Rocquemont velocipéde from Musée national du Château de Compiègne, Francie photos were taken by RŠ in museum deposit 2012

Rocquemont I.

Rocquemont from a private collection in France

Rocquemont II.

Circa 1870 N. Rocquemont transitional velocipede. This machine is equipped with a unique innovation - a mounting step. Considering the changing world of bicycle design - circa 1869/70 - here you can see the shape of things to come. Rocquemont's address 51 Ave. of the Grand Army, Paris. It was the in hub of the carriage/velocipede trade back in the day. Glenn Eames collection - Vermont USA

Rocquemont transitional

A very nice late Rocquemont was for sale c.2002/04 in France (ex Buisset collection)

Rocquemont transitional II.