Peugeot x frame safety, c.1889/90

A Peugeot Frérez, Valentigney, Francie - typical very early X frame safety with open head. Nice frame with all small parts. Wheel size 30" and 30".

Wheels are covered black paint, but both hubs and rims are original. Wires in front wheel are original, in back wheel are new. Wheels are in very good condition and useable for riding.

The leather is correct size for original saddle.

It is nice and easy restor project.

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circa 1889/90

Peugeot was formed in 1810 by brothers Valentingney. It started with foundry work, then the production of quality saws, with the lion as a symbol of quality. In 1876 there was change of name to Lies Fils de Peugeot Fréres. The first bicycle was produced in 1885.