Original Early velocipede c. 1868

A very original early velocipede. The open head and the serpentine frame are the main features of very early production. This assumption is further supported by the size of the front and rear wheels. The first types of bicycles were affected by the construction of drasien and they very often had the same wheel diameter as this machine.

Complete velociped, all parts are original, beautiful patina (cracked varnish) on metal parts and the same - or the same age - on wooden parts. The wood is not damaged or attacked by any pest. The pedals are original made of bronze. The saddle was probably added later, but its shape perfectly corresponds to the original design. The brake is probably missing. However, this is not certain, it could have been delivered by the manufacturer without a brake.

The manufacturer of the bike is unknown. However, we know another copy of the same manufacturer and two period photographs depicting this type of bike. Even three identical machines in one photo. Due to the fact that both bikes were produced in the land of Czech Republic and photographs as well, even capturing Czech riders, it can be assumed that it is domestic production. Alternatively from the territory of present-day Austria or Germany. To this day, it is not known that a bicycle of similar construction could be found in museums or collections outside the Czech Republic.

A very interesting piece of history and a very beautiful collection velocipede.

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Front wheel 80 cm. back wheel 82 cm, handlebar (from ground to the handlebar) 113 cm.