New Books 2023

JÜRG ZAUGG / NICOLA ZAUGG  Historic Bicycle Archiv

Very good work by JÜRG ZAUGG and NICOLA ZAUGG and their project Historic Bicycle Archiv 1 and 2. At the same time they are starting a new research by Michaux Pére and Cie Parisienne. Interest in this time period of the development of the bicycle continues to grow, and it is very worthwhile to seek new information and slowly piece together the mosaic of the beginning of the manufacture of the bicycle.



Glynn Stockdale wrote very interesting papers over a long period of time about manufacturers and their histories of Hobby Horses, velocipedes, ordinaries and safetys.
In this book Glynn’s work is published in a summary and for the first time in German.

Corry Cropper a Seth Whidden  Velocipedomania: A Cultural History of the Velocipede in France

Velocipedomania is the first in-depth study of the velocipede fad and the popular culture it inspired. It explores how the device was hailed as a symbol of France’s cutting-edge technological advancements, yet also marketed as an invention with a noble pedigree, born from the nation’s cultural and literary heritage. Giving readers a window into the material culture and enthusiasms of Second Empire France, it provides the first English translations of 1869’s Manual of the Velocipede, 1868’s Note on Monsieur Michaux’s Velocipede, and the 1869 operetta Dagobert and his Velocipede. It also reprints scores of rare images from newspapers and advertisements, analyzing how these magnificent machines captured the era’s visual imagination. By looking at how it influenced French attitudes towards politics, national identity, technology, fashion, fitness, and gender roles, this book shows how the short-lived craze of velocipedomania had a big impact. 


New books 2023