NEW book: Francesco Di Sario – VITTORIA!

„For those with an interest in cycling technology, changes have come so rapidly in the last thirty years that one loses sight of what came before. We enjoy our carbon frames, tubeless tires, clipless pedals and near-near faultless shifting over a wide range of gears commanded by wireless electronics, taking most of it for granted (well, minus the price!). But historians of racing cycling have not only looked at the great competitions and athletes of the past but also their equipment and the story is variable gearing is a fascinating one. A charming new book by Francesco Di Sario looks at one of the most successful of these pre-World War II efforts. “Vittoria! The Story of Tommaso Nieddu, the Shifting Systems, His Family and Inventions” shows how a small family concern’s innovations helped set the stage for what we enjoy today.“

Leslie Reissner says in her review of the complete article HERE

Francesco Di Sario - Vittoria book

“Vittoria! The Story of Tommaso Nieddu, the Shifting Systems, His Family and His Inventions”

by Francesco Di Sario
126 pp., profusely illustrated, softbound
Verlag Hollinek, Vienna, Austria, 2024
ISBN 978-3-85119-393-0

The book is available through Verlag Hollinek´s website, which takes PayPal, with ordering information here:

The price for the printed book is €34.90 from: order HERE

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„Personally, I am especially pleased that some Italian books are being translated into English. Everyone probably came across the VITTORIA derailleur somewhere at an exhibition or in the literature, I even discovered it among the bikes in my collection. It was only after reading the book that I held it in my hand and looked at it completely differently. It is a perfect and functional tool. How much she has helped many riders….now that I know the background story I am starting to watch Italian bikes with a different and more perceptive eye.“ Robert Štěrba

VITTORIA derailleur