Ned Passey Collection and Benson VCC Annual Rally, Benson – England +++++

The chance rescue of a penny farthing from a scrapheap over 50 years ago has turned the village of Benson into a Mecca for bicycling enthusiasts. Many cyclists and enthusiastics from across the world will bring all manner of pre-1926 bikes to take part in the Benson Veteran Cycle Club Rally.The event was founded in 1960 by the club's life president Ned Passey (was born 1921), after he saved a penny farthing being thrown out by his father.

Over fifty years later, he has built up a personal collection of 450 historic bicycles.

184/B - Ned Passey collection

Annual Benson Vintage Bicycle Rally 

Photos: The Bensington Society


184/A - Benson VCC Annual Rally


A book Cycles in Colour was written by Robert Wilkinson-Latham in 1997 and many photos there has showed bicycles from collection Mr and Mrs Ned Passey.

184/C - A book "Cycles in Colour"