Museum of race cycling, Terezín, Czech Republic +++++

Museum of race cycling of the Czech Cycling Association, Terezín
The Museum of Racing Cycling is located in the bowels of Cavalier 6 – Artillery Barracks, where the office of the famous Junior Peace Race is also located. Opening hours by agreement with the management of the Slavoje Terezín Cycling Club, located at the same address

Mgr. Svatopluk Henke, tel:+420603984046
Ing. Václav Bureš, tel:+420737359719

Address: Akademická 409, Terezín, Czech republic


318/A - Museum ČSC Terezin

Race of Peace 1964

A view into the museum's library into the abundant well of historical materials. Book of photographs dedicated to Jan Smolík – winner of the 1964 Race of Peace

318/B - Race of Peace 1964