Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016

I wish all the best for you and hope all your dreams come true in 2016.

Robert Štěrba and team STERBA-BIKE

Happy New Year 2016

I added small gallery with one of the best velocipedes I have ever seen. You can see photos as small christmas present from me:

Suspension velocipéde Bouchage & Cie, Lyon, France – 1869/70

A suspension velocipede Bouchage & Cie, Lyon. A similar type from the same French manufacturer you can see in the museum in Domazan in France.  The model in Domazan is completely covered with corrosion because originally it was only polished. The steel and metal were polished without any surface treatment. In contrast, the machine in the picture has the original dark green paint with red lines. The suspension system of the machine is the same as for the machine from Domazan, with only small differences. The spring system consists of six small leaf springs on each side of the fork.  Minor differences indicate that each machine was constructed as a single item, i.e. as an original machine, and that minor adjustments and improvements were constantly introduced. Their high purchase price meant that very few of these machines were made. This machine was preserved in Buisset’s collection in France, I restored it some years ago and this is a first viewing of the machine with the original design. All the components are the original ones and there is not one drop, not one millimetre of new paint; everything is 100% original, the same as when it was made in 1869.

Bouchage & Cie, Lyon, France - 1869/70