Laurin & Klement - Bicycles and Motorcycles "SLAVIA"

Václav Laurin - born 1865 September 27th, Václav Klement – 1868 October 16th

The company was set up the end of 1895

1895 - The small machinist workshop with two employees was opened one week before Christmas holiday on street Benátská, Mladá Boleslav

1896 - The first season, bicycle production started with five bicycles models (models 0 to 5)

1897 - The second season, the company offered still five models with small improvment

1898 - The third season, the new factory buildings was built with 1100 sq meters, new models under pattern number from 7 to 14, first tandem

1899 - The fourth season, models from 17 to 32, Acaténe models (drive shaft system) and first bicycle with engine

1900 - The fift season, bicycles, transport machines and motorcycles

1906 - The first model of car was offered by company catalogue!

Laurin & Klement

Laurin & Klement printed the first czech book for cyclists and about cycling and bicycles. The second extensive publication from 1898 is our gallery with many original pictures. The book is known under name:

Hand-book for Cyclists

Hand-book for Cyclists

Laurin & Klement chose name "SLAVIA". It sounds incredibly that they offered first bicycle with engine before 1900. It was a solid base for motorcycle production. Production of cars came during five years. The cars "ŠKODA" are famous around the World at the moment and the bicycle fans knows these company like one of big sponsors of Tour de France. We can assert that the SLAVIA name is really very famous and important brand for bicycles, motorcycles and cars production in Czech lands. Only three SLAVIA bicycles are survivors to this time. The four bicycles where we are sure of originality and clear origin.

Ladys´ type "Slavia 5" 1897, serial number 1260

The first Czech Bicycle Museum - Nové Hrady, Czech Republic

"Slavia 5" 1897

Gents´ type „Slavia 9“ 1898, serial number 1618

Privat collection, Liberec, Czech Republic

"Slavia" 1898

Gents´ type "Slavia 17" 1899, serial number 3336

Museum ŠKODA, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

"Slavia 17" 1899

Gents´ type "Slavia 21" 1898/89, serial number 3381

Biczycle collection

"Slavia 21" 1889

Gents´ type 1899/1900, serial number 4116

Private collection

"Slavia" 1899 -90

Noname bicycle with badge SLAVIA

The next model SLAVIA, Auto & Moto museum Prerov nad Labem, Czech Republic

"SLAVIA" Přerov nad Labem

Some next known machines with badge "Slavia". We are sure that these machines weren´t made by company Laurin & Klement, maybe these were repaired in his workshop only or are fakes.

Bicycles with question marks


Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1896 – Bicycles

Laurin & Klement – Bicycles 1896

Catalogue Laurin & Klement – News for year 1897

Laurin & Klement – News for year 1897

Catalogue Laurin & Klement   1897 – Bicycles

Laurin & Klement – Bicycles 1897

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1898 – Bicycles

Laurin & Klement – Bicycles 1898

Catalogue Laurin & Klement   1898 – Parts

Laurin & Klement – Parts 1898

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1899 – Bicycles

Laurin & Klement – Bicycles 1899

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1899 – The first motorcycle

Laurin & Klement 1899 – The first motorcycle

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1899 – Transport tricycles

1899 Laurin & Klement – Transport tricycles

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1900 – Parts

Laurin & Klement 1900 – Parts

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1901 – Bicycles and motorcycles

Laurin & Klement 1901 – Bicycles and motorcycles

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1901 – Parts

Laurin & Klement 1901 – Parts

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1906 – The first car

Laurin & Klement 1906 – The first car

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1909 – Cars

Laurin & Klement 1909 – Cars

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1910 – Cars

Laurin & Klement 1910 – Cars

Catalogue Laurin & Klement  1914 – Cars

Laurin & Klement 1914 – Cars

Laurin & Klement  Motorcycles

Very nice book from Jan Králík and Petr Kožíšek „L & K Škoda – The Way to the Top 1895 – 1945“ is important part of book-case for all  L & K fans. It is base of our fotogallery with some photograph real machines.

Motorcycles Laurin & Klement

International Race for Motorcycles in France 1904-05

International race in France 1904-05

ŠKODA Muzeum in Mladá Boleslav

The new ŠKODA Muzeum. In 1895, Václav Klement and Václav Laurin founded their business here in Mladá Boleslav. This makes ŠKODA one of the oldest and most traditionrich automobile brands in the world. ŠKODA Muzeum brings the past to life in an authentic place, namely the former production halls, where cars were made as late as in 1928. Immediately adjacent, the company's largest and most modern plant continues this history, churning out new ŠKODAs day after day.


140 ŠKODA Museum, Mladá Boleslav

We prepare article about Laurin and Klement bicycles for ICHC International Cycling History Conference Baltimore August 6th-10th. It will attached it soon.