L’épopée fantastique - Compiègne, France +++++

L’épopée fantastique 1820-1920, cycles et motos (April - July 2016)

The season exhibition in Musée national de la Voiture du Palais de Compiègne.

At the present time I must to say one of the best exposition I have ever seen. The fantastic atmosphere of old buildings are absolutely the right place for early bicycles.

Very special thanks for Elise Fau for her time and hospitality.

Contakt: http://palaisdecompiegne.fr/

179/A - L’épopée fantastique 1820-1920

Many fantastic motorcycles are there touching in atmosphere.

179/B - L’épopée fantastique MOTO

Over 60 pages catalogue is more likely book with the professional photos than catalogue.

179/C - L’épopée fantastique KATALOG