IVCA Rally 2011 - The Bicycle museum and The Exhibition +++++

The meeting for bicycle lovers and collectors the IVCA Rally was organized the fourth time in France, La Ferté – Imbault by Martine and Alan Cuvier. One of many activites was visit the private museum with some excellent machines. Time in France was nice and hospitality extraordinary. Thank you very much Alan.

Contact: http://ivca2011.com/index.php/1407883

Video: IVCA 2011 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9eq7lG3YOQ&feature=player_embedded#!

41/A - IVCA Rally 2011 - Exhibition and bicycle museum



Member´s bicycles - IVCA 2011

Some from bicycles which we would have seen, if we had been there.

41/B - IVCA 2011 - Member´s bicycles

First European meeting - 2006

Alan Couvier organized too „1.Rally Europén des Cycles Anciens“ in 2006. Some machines from small exhibition or member´s bicycles are in next small gallery.

41/C - First European meeting - 2006